In Ohio, alcoholism is a significant problem, with people drinking more than they should, leading to higher cases. A study by the Centers for Disease Control found that alcoholism kills 90 thousand people annually and it takes 30 years off of their life. The rates of drinking in Ohio are 19.2% of all adults versus 18% across the country. Out of every 100 thousand people, there are 382 that die prematurely before the age of 75 from alcoholism. 

These larger amounts mean that more people have a problem related to the abuse of alcohol that poses a significant risk to their health. The way to reduce the potential danger is to go to an alcohol rehab center in Ohio. The challenge is finding one that promotes long-term sobriety and encourages you to be healthier. There are three essential tips you can use to locate a facility that matches your needs and helps you to become sober for good. 

Get an Evaluation

Most people assume they can go to any alcohol treatment center in Ohio and start dealing with their issues related to alcoholism. The problem is that addiction is not that simple and other factors impact why someone is drinking. The first step is to go to a certified psychiatrist, physician, or social worker from the American Society of Addiction Medicine. They will look at the causes behind the drinking, including trauma, mental health issues, and past substance abuse. These factors are often reasons why a person turns to alcohol, as it is an escape. Their evaluation offers a plan of action for tackling alcoholism and the best approach in treatment. 

Make Sure the Services Match the Issues

Like we stated previously, it is not unusual for someone with a drinking problem to have other disorders like depression, bi-polar, PTSD, or constant pain. Ensure that the facility offers services that address these issues before checking in. 

Some specialize in specific problems like PTSD, depression, bipolar disorder, or other forms of trauma. Others take a dual approach to deal with the person’s challenges and how it relates to their drinking. Visit with the facility and find out their system to address the alcoholism and what can be done to build long-term sobriety. 

Some facilities cater to a specific demographic of people, such as a particular gender, culture, mental health, trauma, and acute alcoholism. These locations focus on the person’s needs and the system to become sober. The idea is to think about how the evaluation identifies specific challenges and what can be done to address the long-term problems. It is critical for ensuring there are no relapses after treatment by identifying the causes of their drinking and treating it. 

Support and Luxuries

Support is critical in the success of any alcohol treatment center in Ohio and it is necessary for creating a lifetime of sobriety. Alcoholism is like any other addiction with revolving doors and just because you become better does not mean you will relapse. 

Those working with support groups have people they can speak with and sponsors that know what they are going through. Programs like the 12 Step Recovery are a good start, but there needs to be some kind of continuing avenues of mentorship during and after treatment. Support is crucial for ensuring that you can stay sober and have a way of connecting with people in similar experiences. 

Many treatment facilities talk about the luxuries and how they are essential in recovering from alcoholism. You want to look for a treatment center that deals with the underlying causes of alcoholism and not just offering luxuries. The idea is to find a place where you can be comfortable but also get the effective help you need. 

Lumiere Healing Centers is Your Alcohol Treatment Center in Ohio

Finding the right alcohol treatment center in Ohio can be challenging and requires some due diligence. These tips help you to focus on those facilities that are the best for you and address the primary causes of it. The key is using them to create a lifetime of sobriety and building a solid foundation in the future. If you or someone you know is seeking an alcohol rehab center in Ohio, look no further than Lumiere Healing Centers. You can reach us here. (

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