Addiction treatment is valuable for those who struggle with addiction for obvious reasons, the main being learning to lead a life of sobriety. However, there are many other ways an Ohio addiction treatment center can benefit your loved one. Whether they have just become dependent on a substance or if they have struggled with addiction for some time now, we can help. 

Not only does the entire experience of kicking addiction give those in recovery a new perspective, but it can also teach them a lot about themselves. Some people find that entering Lumiere Healing Centers inpatient or outpatient rehab program can help them achieve much more than just sobriety. To get some insight into what an addiction treatment center can help you or your loved one achieve, keep reading!


Most people’s first thought about addiction treatment in Ohio is that it can help people get clean. And while our center’s primary goal is to help people remove addictive substances from their life, we do so much more than that, especially surrounding the topic of addiction. 

Most people have a general foundation of addiction and how it happens, but not so many people know how this process happens and just how detrimental it can be. 

Addiction is, after all, a disease that begins in the brain, altering the brain’s chemicals. At our treatment center, we educate patients on addiction. When people understand it better, they can better understand and grasp how it led them to addiction. Also, it helps patients learn how to avoid temptation.

Tools for Success

Lumiere Healing Centers also offers therapy and counseling for those in our inpatient and outpatient rehab programs. There are different types of therapy patients will undergo. All of these have a shared goal of helping the patient maintain sobriety. However, each therapy session will address components to making this goal a reality. 

For example, a therapy session might focus on habits the patient can tackle to avoid using the substance again. We also address behavior and actions the patient can take to stay on track when building their new life of sobriety. One of the best ways to tackle addiction is to make these small changes. Over time, the small changes are the ones that help the most. When faced with temptation or cravings, the patient will have the tools they need for success.


When your loved one enters our Ohio addiction treatment center, we focus on detox first. The goal is to remove all of the addictive substances, giving them the ultimate fresh start. From there, we can begin to help them rebuild their life. Part of this rebuilding is giving them the tools to succeed in and out of our facility. We also expose them to new hobbies and activities. Some people leave rehabilitation with new passions while others pick up old things they used to enjoy. We also help patients reconnect with loved ones and find new support groups to help them stay social. We do this so that when the patient is ready to leave inpatient rehab or minimize outpatient rehab sessions, they can remain successful in sobriety and other aspects of life.

How Do You or Your Loved One Begin Rehab?

If you or your loved one is struggling with substance abuse and addiction, rehab is the best way to address the problem. With rehabilitation, you can remove the substance from your system, achieve sobriety, and learn how to maintain it. To begin addiction treatment, simply reach out to Lumiere Healing Centers today (

Begin Your Journey to Sobriety!

Rehabilitation at our Ohio addiction treatment center can help you remove addiction from your life. Whether you have struggled with addiction for a while now or are too dependent, our treatment services can benefit you. Also, keep in mind that addiction is so much more than achieving sobriety. During inpatient and outpatient rehab, you will learn about addiction, how to tackle it, and tools to move past it. You also get resources to rebuild your life however you want to. To learn more, reach out to our staff at (513) 854-2197. We look forward to helping you.

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