When you’re deciding to join a rehab center, you have the option in some facilities to choose between outpatient and inpatient therapy. Generally, the rehab center will do their best to advise you on which avenue they feel will be better for your unique situation. When addiction habits are quite severe, and they’ve been happening for a long time, it’s common for people to advise towards inpatient therapy. However, if the case is less drastic, outpatient therapy is a common alternative. 


Outpatient rehab in Ohio is different from inpatient rehab in numerous ways. Many individuals think that outpatient therapy isn’t as effective, simply because one isn’t getting the immersive experience. However, there are many benefits to choosing outpatient therapy and plenty of signs to show that outpatient rehab can truly help you heal. In this article, we’ve highlighted the top four reasons to join outpatient therapy, as well as what to expect when you arrive. Keep reading to learn more! 



  • Obtain a Complete Assessment at Outpatient Rehab in Ohio 


When you decide to join an outpatient therapy center, you’ll be given a complete assessment to track your progress, understand your user history, and identify where you’ll need the most assistance. Some of the assessments include detoxing, withdrawal symptom assessments, health history, emotional patterns, behavior patterns, desire to change, and your living conditions outside of the facility. All of this information will help your team to better help you towards sobriety. 



  • You Have Options 


Within outpatient therapy, there are a few options to choose from and partake in. For example, when you arrive to your session, you’ll be enrolled in group therapy, individual therapy, and possibly even family therapy. Each of these various avenues has different healing techniques. When you’re in an individual setting, you have the ability to dive deeply with your therapist. In group therapy, you learn from others by listening to their stories, trials, and successes. In family therapy, you’ll have the chance to heal family dynamics, as addiction can take a toll on everyone in the addict’s immediate life. 



  • Flexibility 


Many individuals prefer outpatient therapy, as it allows for their daily routine and lifestyle to continue. Parents, for example, don’t want to be away from their children for long periods of time, especially if they’re the primary breadwinner or caretaker. The same is true for people who work or go to school. It is possible to work on your recovery while still maintaining the important elements in your life. It takes great willpower, but the reward for abstaining from substances and working towards building a better you is one that you’ll carry with you for a lifetime. 



  • Less Expensive 


Inpatient therapy is generally quite expensive, as it has multiple services. Not only does one stay on-site at the facility, but they’re also fed meals, given transportation on occasion, and some rehab centers offer field trips to various locations. Outpatient therapy is much less expensive because it has fewer moving parts and in-house costs. 


Lumiere Healing Centers Can Help!

If you’re looking for addiction treatment, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans are searching for rehab centers to help them get their lives back on track. At Lumiere Healing Centers, we strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment dedicated to healing and rejuvenation. We know that the pathway to sobriety is a challenging one, and it’s not an illness that heals itself overnight. 


Through consistent work, willpower, and personal determination, we aid you in climbing that mountain. At the top, we assure you that the view is well worth the hard work! You don’t have to go through your healing process alone. Contact a member of our team today at 513-847-3573. Our approach is evidence-based, complete with the superior step-down treatment model, safe detoxing, flexible outpatient treatment, and individualized care. With caring and compassionate staff, comprehensive therapies, and behavior counseling, why choose anywhere else? At Lumiere Healing Centers, we’re here to help make a difference. Call us, and see how we can give you the support you need to thrive!

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