Addiction is hard to witness a loved one go through especially after some time. There are many ups and downs, and sometimes we have a hard time understanding. 

We want to help them the best we can, but where to even begin? 

Here at Lumiere Healing Centers, we work with those struggling with substance addictions all of the time. Through all of our years of working to help people maintain sobriety, we have also helped loved ones understand addiction better. With this information, they know how to approach addiction with their loved ones and how to best support them. One way our Ohio drug rehab center has done this is by giving people the facts about addiction and how it works. Below, we outline five addiction facts we believe everyone should know.

Quitting Cold Turkey is Not Realistic

Many people pick up a substance for the first time, thinking it might be a one-time thing. Or they are under the impression that it will be something they only do socially. 

Without even realizing it, they begin to take part in the habit and substance more and more. Eventually, they may realize that they are either dependent on this substance or are using it way too much. 

At this point, quitting cold turkey is near impossible and they will need help. The brain has already changed too much, and everyday behavior now revolves around addiction. 

An example many of us have seen before is cigarette addictions. Most people who smoked them either thought there was no harm. They only wanted to do it socially or only meant to do it once or twice. Unfortunately, we now see millions of people addicted to tobacco products, despite the harmful effects that have been made known.

Positive Encouragement Can Help

Some people look down on those struggling with addiction; however, this does more harm than good. It’s critical to show your loved ones that you will support them through their journey to sobriety. Any positive encouragement or support you can give will go a long way. 

Support helps your loved ones to know that you have their back, even while they are seeking treatment in an Ohio drug rehab center. This additional support can act as a filler when your loved one is having a hard time staying focused on sobriety. This added support also gives them something to look forward to, it lets them know that despite their addiction, they are still valuable.

Substance Addiction Alters the Brain

There is a reason why medical professionals and scientists say that addiction is a disease. When you use a substance for the first time, you feel all of the effects, the good and the bad. And if you like how it made you feel, you may decide to do it again in the future. 

Over time, the more you use a drug, the more your brain will want it. It may start as only wanting to do it on the weekends, but it could end in wanting to do it every day. 

Then, when the person tries to stop indulging in the drug, the brain fights against them. You see, the body and brain have become so used to the substance that not taking it results in withdrawal symptoms.

Long-Term Treatment is Commonplace

Entering inpatient or outpatient rehab for a few months or a year isn’t a one-stop-shop solution. Many addicts find themselves in an Ohio drug rehab center for years. The treatment never stops, and although battling addiction might get easier, the temptation is always there. Now, that’s not to say you have to live in a facility forever. But, continually attending sessions or therapy is beneficial.

Intervene Earlier Rather Than Later

Spotting addiction in a loved one isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t live with them. However, if you notice some of the signs, it’s better to tackle the problem earlier than later. Some people wait until their loved one is at some of the worst stages of addiction. But, if you can spot the signs and reach out to them sooner, it could stop the problem from getting worse. This won’t be easy but it will be helpful later on.

Lumiere Healing Centers Can Help

Seeing a loved one struggling with addiction is tough one everyone involved.

You might not know how to support them and how you can help, but the best way to understand what they are going through is to understand that addiction is a disease. 

Once you have that insight, you can see the benefit of an addiction treatment center in Ohio. When you’re ready, Lumiere Healing Centers is here to help. To learn more, check out our website ( or give our team a call today at (513) 854-2197.

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