Living with addiction is difficult, and it comes to a point where you get tired of it and the struggles that come with it. When you decide enough is enough, alcohol rehab at Lumiere Healing Centers is here for you. With the help of medical professionals and addiction treatment experts at Lumiere Healing Centers, you can get sober and maintain it. We know that alcohol detox in Ohio and achieving sobriety is no easy feat. It’s a process and takes a lot of willpower. But it’s not impossible. With the help of our staff, you can learn healthy habits that help you overcome alcohol addiction. Keep reading to learn more!


Positive Thinking and Healthy Environments

It’s true what they say; positivity is a powerful tool. You may think this means you need to maintain a positive mindset 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But, positivity is more about appreciating what you have and seeing the good in things. Some days battling addiction will be more difficult than others. But if you can maintain positivity and put yourself in the right environments, you can get through the hard days. Not only will a positive mindset make the sobriety process easier, but it’s also shown that positivity breeds higher self-worth, increases confidence, and can increase overall happiness. We know being positive may be difficult sometimes, but our team can help you master that mental well-being. 



Going through alcohol detox in Ohio isn’t easy, and neither is recovering from addiction. One thing that helps many get through this part of the process is exercise. Now, you don’t need to run 10 miles to get exercise or sign up for a fancy gym membership. You can resort to a brisk walk or 30-minute routine at home, whatever you’re comfortable with. Regular exercise is a pretty powerful tool for your mental well-being and it will serve as a healthy distraction during your recovery. Studies have shown that exercising produces feel-good chemicals in your brain so you’ll find yourself happily distracted. These chemicals: dopamine, and serotonin, have the power to reduce stress, reduce anxiety and depression, and increase feelings of calmness. Since exercise lowers stress levels, adapting to rehabilitation will be much easier when you get your body moving. It can also help a lot with cravings. Some people resort to going for a walk or hitting the gym whenever they feel vulnerable to their addiction.



Some people use rehab as a time to reconnect with or find their faith or spirituality. But if you have a hard time doing this or prefer a different method, we have the solution for you: meditation. Meditation is a great tool once you get into the swing of it. When you meditate, you are spending time with yourself. During this time, you self-reflect, set intentions, and learn more about yourself. It may feel weird meditating at first, but the practice helps and becomes easier once you get in the swing of it. 


Healthy Eating

It’s no surprise that healthy eating makes the habit list. After all, most items here are all about mental and physical health. When you take care of yourself, it translates to other parts of your life and can make recovery easier. Leading a healthier lifestyle can also keep you motivated as you rebuild your life. One reason we recommend healthy eating is because it gives your body the fuel it needs during recovery. A balanced diet will go a long way in improving your body’s health and mental health. You are what you eat!


Finding New Ways to Have Fun

When you were struggling with alcohol addiction, you probably had some activities or things you did for fun. These activities may have been fun at the time, but it’s time to branch out. Going back to old activities can be a temptation for some and often lead back to addiction. Some examples of new and fun activities are cooking classes, painting, writing, photography, music, or even kayaking, whatever you enjoy. You may even find that you develop a passion for something new. 


Lumiere Healing Centers is Here to Help!

Entering rehabilitation for alcohol addiction may be terrifying at first, but it gets better. Once you go through the alcohol rehab in Ohio, you can press reset and rebuild your life. To learn more about alcohol addiction treatment, contact Lumiere Healing Centers. Our team and medical professionals are here and ready to help! Give us a call today at (513) 987-9392.

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