Seeing someone you care about and love struggle with drug addiction is never easy. You might try time and time again to help them, for them to turn down any help. Unfortunately, when it comes down to it, the person struggling with addiction needs to help themself. When they are ready to receive the assistance they need, our addiction treatment center in Ohio, Lumiere Healing Center, is here. 

But what if you are unsure if someone is struggling with addiction? Some people hide it well or are functioning addicts. 

The best way to know for sure is to be aware of the signs of drug addiction. Keep reading to see what they are.

Legal Problems

If your loved one was never involved in legal problems in the past but now can’t seem to stay away from breaking the law, it could be drug abuse. The best way to know for sure is to see what kind of legal trouble your loved one is getting into. If it’s drug-related, that’s a clear sign. However, other types of arrests could be theft-related or aggressive acts as a result of the drugs. Sometimes people behave out of character when they are under the influence. Drug usage can get expensive, too so you may find that they are borrowing more, or becoming what appears to be financially irresponsible.

Missing School or Work

When people first become hooked up on drugs, they may be able to maintain their life. Tons of addicts are functioning addicts for some time. However, over time, the addiction is going to grow stronger and take over other responsibilities. Instead of going to work or school routinely, your loved one may begin to miss a few days here and there. Then, they may start to skip school or quit working altogether. This shift in priorities happens when the addiction begins to take over and becomes the main priority.

A Loss of Interest

One thing about drug addiction is that it’s powerful. It may not be obvious at first to the user or their loved ones, but over time it becomes known. Most people are passionate about something or they have something that they enjoy doing all the time. 

But, as drug addiction takes over, they might not indulge in their favorite hobbies or activities anymore. A loss of interest in everything, including apathy, is a sign that something is off. That, combined with other signs, could point to drug use and addiction. When your loved one checks into an Ohio addiction treatment center, such as Lumiere Healing Centers, they can reconnect with their passions while getting the help they need. 

Unexplained Financial Problems

If your loved one has recently seemed to be dealing with financial problems, it could point to addiction. People who are addicted to drugs prioritize the drug above everything. It may not be like that at first. 

But as drug use continues, the drug becomes more important to the addict. The person addicted needs to get their high and will do anything to get it, including spending tons of money. You might not notice a drastic financial shift at first. But as the addiction worsens, the worse the money situation gets. Another thing to consider is that drug tolerance builds quickly. That means that your loved one will need to do more drugs and spend more money to get the high they are after. 


The last sign you want to look out for is changed behavior socially. Your loved one may have been open with you in the past. Whether the openness is about every aspect of life or only parts of it, this disappears as they get hooked on drugs. They might be ashamed or embarrassed about their drug use. 

As a result, they might want to see you less, talk less, and hide things about their life. If they are having financial, work, or school problems, they might avoid telling you about it. However, if they do talk to you about drug use, you can tell them about our Ohio addiction treatment center and how it can help them.

We Can Help You Deal With Addiction in Ohio

If any of these signs, or all of them, seem to point to your loved one, it could be drug addiction. We know it’s hard to come to terms with someone you care about abusing drugs, but it doesn’t mean they won’t get help. While they do need to seek help on their own, you can help point them in the right direction. Here at Lumiere Healing Centers, we are here to help your loved ones get the help they need. Click here ( to contact us or give our team a call at (513) 987-9392.

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