When people think of addiction, it isn’t often that Adderall is discussed. But Adderall addiction in Ohio is very real and on the rise. Many people rely on this drug to regulate their minds and body due to conditions like ADHD. However, some people do not need this drug and instead abuse it as a productivity booster or party drug.

It may seem like fun and games at first. But abusing Adderall can result in health problems such as withdrawal symptoms, serious heart problems, and even death. Most people who need Adderall and get it prescribed to them can avoid addiction by following their doctor’s orders. It isn’t until someone takes more than their usual dosage or uses it more frequently than they should that they become addicted.

Professional Adderall Addiction Treatment Can Help

There are different kinds of Adderall addiction treatments that we offer at our drug treatment center in Ohio. The first being tapering, otherwise known as slowly reducing the dose of Adderall the patient takes. Tapering is usually a go-to method for treating those addicted to Adderall because it’s easy on the body. Withdrawal symptoms are very real when it comes to Adderall. And the best way to avoid that is to not shock the body too much when seeking treatment.

Our medical professionals at Lumiere Healing Centers, your local Adderall addiction treatment center in Ohio, will slowly reduce the dose the patient gets. We do this until we can get the body off of the drug safely. While we do this, we also manage the patient’s withdrawal symptoms so that they feel comfortable. Withdrawing isn’t enjoyable for anyone, but having a medical team can make it a whole lot easier.

Using Therapy to Treat Addiction

The next form of treatment many patients will undergo is therapy. Some people only do psychotherapy while others do behavioral therapy. Everyone’s situation is unique and requires a different approach. With psychotherapy, the patient can improve their general well-being. And what many people do not realize is that sometimes this is where addiction stems from. Some event or situation in this person’s life contributed to them turning to drugs.

During behavioral therapy, the main focus of the sessions will be to address any mental health concerns or self-destructive habits. The therapist will be able to walk the patient through new habits to replace the bad ones. These new habits can help especially replace those that were related to Adderall addiction. Eventually, the patient will be able to identify when they are doing something harmful or sabotaging, then use these tools to halt their actions.

Lumiere Healing Centers Can Help

Adderall addiction may be scary, but overcoming it isn’t impossible. With some mixture of the above treatments, patients can make progress. Our Adderall addiction treatment center in Ohio gives patients all the resources they need to lead a life of sobriety. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction to Adderall, or any other drug or substance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

You can reach us here (https://lumierehealingcenters.com/contact/) or you can give us a call at 513-901-4738 to learn more.

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