At Lumiere Healing Centers, our addiction support program goes beyond just physical dependency. There are mental and emotional components to addiction that need to be addressed in order to achieve the life of sobriety our clients are working towards. The core of our success and our program is in our individual and addiction support groups therapies. These counseling sessions are more than just coping mechanisms and quick-fix tips. Our counselors get to know you as an individual and dig deep to the root of the addiction to truly tackle the larger question of why. At the end of this process, you get to know yourself on a deeper level, which is key to reclaiming your life of sobriety.



Your counselor will be a constant source of support during and even after treatment. They act as a confidant, friend, and a professional who has proven techniques that can help you on your path to recovery. Here are some things you can expect from individual counseling:

  • Licensed behavioral therapists who work with you individually to explore the underlying causes of your addiction.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy sessions on how to permanently alter your addiction behaviors.
  • Discussions and reflection techniques such as interactive journaling.

At Lumiere, we believe in individualized treatment, where every client is given the tools and support they need to succeed. These individual sessions are part of your personalized recovery plan, where you work with someone who truly cares about you as a person and your journey to sobriety.


Family counseling can help build your support network at home, which boosts your chances of long-term recovery success and reduces the chances of a relapse. This is why Lumiere has family visits and therapy every Sunday. Our family therapists will observe how you and your family interact with each other and help guide you to more positive communication methods. At Lumiere Healing Centers, we understand that family is an integral part of the client’s recovery process, and we strive to help both clients and their families get what they need.

Some topics discussed during family therapy are:

  • Interaction patterns that may be less than beneficial to your loved one’s treatment and recovery
  • Behaviors, such as enabling and blaming, that can hurt the recovery process
  • Practicing more effective communication techniques
  • Re-establishing trust and respect

It’s important to understand that family therapy is still focused on the client and how the family dynamics and interaction patterns can be adapted to encourage a supportive, but not an enabling environment for them post-treatment. We also recommend that family members attend a local Alanon or Naranon group where they can get the emotional support they need from other people dealing with the same issues.


We offer many different types of counseling and therapy at Lumiere Healing Centers, because we understand our client’s ultimate goal of sobriety hinges on the support they receive from our team and the loved ones in their lives. At Lumiere, we see addiction recovery as a lifelong community of support. You will work with professionals, peers, and loved ones to explore how individually and as a community you can find the support you need. The combination of having the understanding and support of a community along with the deeper level of understanding of yourself is the key to long-lasting sobriety. Our counseling is the heart and soul of what Lumiere offers. In it, you will find the compassion, techniques, and self-reflection necessary for a recovery that lasts a lifetime.

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