Aftercare & Alumni Program

Lumiere Healing Centers believes that aftercare following treatment is just as important as the treatment itself. We know that leaving our facility can sometimes be just as scary as making the choice for addiction treatment in Ohio. It’s normal to be worried about maintaining sobriety and implementing the positive changes in your life once you are back to your regular routine. However, with Lumiere Healing Centers, you are never alone. We have an aftercare program and an alumni program that meets weekly and provides an opportunity for you to stay connected and involved by supporting those individuals still undergoing treatment. Our support measures are in place to help you continue your sober lifestyle after the initial treatment has ended.

Alumni Support

When you’re ready to leave Lumiere, we provide the contact information for one of our trained alumni coordinators who can help you navigate the post-treatment transition and potential triggers. You will be able to contact your alumni coordinator via a direct line, as a guaranteed source of compassion and comfort. The coordinator will also contact you to check in and see how things are going, keeping the line of communication open. Your alumni coordinator is a source of support during challenging times and also provides suggestions on how to stay involved in the Lumiere community, such as via our alumni group.

Highlights about our Alumni Group:

  • Our alumni group meets every Saturday, so you are forever part of an ongoing community of support, made up of your peers.
  • This group gives back by motivating and supporting those still undergoing treatment.
  • Alumni also participate in some of our social activities, such as movie night.
  • Alumni have access to Lumiere’s exclusive social network, where they share encouraging stories and quotes and stay updated on upcoming events at the center.
  • Alumni speak to current clients, sharing their stories and inspiring others at group sessions.
  • You even have the opportunity as an alumnus to sponsor other people in the program.

Our alumni group is proof that no matter how involved you choose to be after your initial treatment has ended, you will always be connected to Lumiere as a part of our family and support system. Our alumni ensure you will always have a friend to reach out to or talk to long after your time at Lumiere. As soon as you reach out to Lumiere, you have a whole network of people committed to your brighter future. We are here for you, and that’s Lumiere’s lifelong pledge.

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