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Treatment Methods for Alcohol Addiction in Ohio


Alcohol addiction and abuse is a serious disease that many live with. People do not always know that they have a problem with their alcohol consumption either. Those who suffer from alcohol addiction in Ohio are usually normal, functioning people. They attend work, care for loved ones, and lead seemingly normal lives. But alcohol abuse always catches up to people. It may be manageable and indistinguishable now, but it will not always stay that way.   When it does catch up to people, it usually becomes known in a few common ways. These signs are usually isolation from loved ones, putting [...]

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What Are the Benefits of Outpatient Rehab in Ohio?


There are many types of addictions out there, and everyone who is an addict is affected differently. With that said, it's a no-brainer that treatment options need to take a variety of approaches. There is not a one size fits all treatment option. Something that works for your friend will not work for you, and vice versa. If you or a loved one is seeking addiction treatment, keep in mind that addiction treatment is catered to your needs at Lumiere Healing Centers. We have all types of rehab options, each with a variety of treatment methods. One type of rehab we [...]

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The Biggest Lies People Tell Themselves About Drug Rehab in Ohio


Drug addiction is a significant problem impacting society, families, and the individual who is dealing with the addiction. Too often, there are the traditional beliefs that only select people are right for rehabilitation and the rest don’t need any help. A study found that out of the 27 million people who need to go to treatment, only 2.5 million get it.  In most cases, the common lies people tell themselves and others keep them from receiving the help they need. The key is learning about the misconceptions people have about drug rehab in Ohio and how it holds them back from [...]

The Biggest Lies People Tell Themselves About Drug Rehab in Ohio2021-03-30T20:58:26+00:00

3 Tips for Finding the Right Alcohol Treatment Center in Ohio


In Ohio, alcoholism is a significant problem, with people drinking more than they should, leading to higher cases. A study by the Centers for Disease Control found that alcoholism kills 90 thousand people annually and it takes 30 years off of their life. The rates of drinking in Ohio are 19.2% of all adults versus 18% across the country. Out of every 100 thousand people, there are 382 that die prematurely before the age of 75 from alcoholism.  These larger amounts mean that more people have a problem related to the abuse of alcohol that poses a significant risk to their [...]

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Interesting Facts about Outpatient Rehab in Ohio


Those suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction face challenges in coming to grips with it. They don’t always understand how it is affecting not only them but their family, friends, and community. The problem is that their addiction threatens the strength of these bonds leading to a downward spiral of adverse outcomes. Outpatient rehab in Ohio with the help of a team like what we have here at Lumiere Healing Center treats their addiction and does so in a responsible way.  Here are several facts about outpatient rehab and how it can help you or your loved ones beat their [...]

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Do You Really Need Inpatient Rehab in Ohio?


Ohio is the fourth highest state in the country for drug overdoses and addiction, with the problem becoming worse. Most people who are suffering from dependence on drugs need treatment that helps them to wane off of these substances. The problem is that going to inpatient treatment in Ohio is filled with misconceptions and they don’t know if it is for them.  The confusion makes the situation worse by not seeking out treatment when it is needed. The big question is; how do you know when inpatient care is required? The answer requires looking at specific factors to decide if this [...]

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3 Social Signs That Your Loved One Could Use Addiction Treatment in Ohio


You may be getting suspicions that your loved one is going through a rough patch. You may not know for sure, but if you have a gut feeling, don't ignore it. Chances are that you are onto something. If you aren't sure if addiction is playing a role in the rough patch, don't stress too much. Trying to notice the signs of addiction can be difficult. Some of the key signs are very similar to other usual problems. There are also different types of signs to keep an eye out for. Here at Lumiere Healing Center, we know how difficult this [...]

3 Social Signs That Your Loved One Could Use Addiction Treatment in Ohio2021-04-30T18:21:59+00:00

5 Habits That Help People Overcome Alcohol Addiction


Living with addiction is difficult, and it comes to a point where you get tired of it and the struggles that come with it. When you decide enough is enough, rehab at Lumiere Healing Centers is here for you. With the help of medical professionals and addiction treatment experts at Lumiere Healing Centers, you can get sober and maintain it. We know that alcohol detox in Ohio and achieving sobriety is no easy feat. It's a process and takes a lot of willpower. But it's not impossible. With the help of our staff, you can learn healthy habits that help you [...]

5 Habits That Help People Overcome Alcohol Addiction2021-03-31T16:05:20+00:00

Get Help With Addiction From a Trusted Drug and Alcohol Recovery Treatment Center in Ohio


Alcoholism is a disease that affects millions of Americans and their families, and many of us either know someone who suffers from it or has heard about it. Some use alcohol to boost your self-confidence or to help in uncomfortable social situations, or other stressful situations, however, this alcohol can become dangerous when you’ve had too much.  Everything in moderation is okay, but when alcohol addiction sneaks up on you and takes you by surprise, you can find yourself caught in a never-ending cycle of substance abuse.  When this happens it can take a bit of time to realize that it [...]

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Is Outpatient Rehab the Right Option For You?


Once you have decided that you want to enter rehabilitation, you now have to make one more decision. Are you going to do outpatient rehab in Ohio or inpatient rehab? Both options are great and will provide you with the help you need. However, one option may be a better fit for your lifestyle. If you have never heard of or considered outpatient rehab before, you may not know enough about it. Many people assume they have to live in a facility, but that's not always the case. Regardless of what you decide on, here at Lumiere Healing Center, we offer [...]

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