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Medication Assisted Treatment for Addiction In Ohio


Medication Assisted Treatment for drug addiction (otherwise regarded as M.A.T. Therapy) is a form of addiction treatment that combines medication along with traditional forms of therapy and mainstream recovery models to help an individual achieve abstinence from their drug of choice. There are several addiction treatment centers in Ohio that offer Medication Assisted Treatment for opiate abuse, specifically. Though, other drug addictions and alcohol abuse may also be treated with the use of Medication Assisted Treatment. The M.A.T. Therapy Goal The goal of M.A.T. Therapy is to help people who have experienced many failed attempts at getting sober to finally achieve [...]

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The Best Drug Detox Centers in Ohio


You’ve happened upon this article because you’re in search of the best drug detox centers in Ohio. Now that you (or your loved one) is finally ready to get the help they need, how do you go about finding the best drug detox center in Ohio, or close to home? The answer to this question depends largely on your specific needs. Understanding things like how much you use, what you use, how often you use and for how long you have been using are all critical pieces of information to determine the detox protocol for your specific case. A team of [...]

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Finding Addiction Recovery Meetings And Support Groups In Ohio


Whether you have completed a formal addiction recovery program, or are looking for resources to better understand addiction, there are several addiction recovery meetings and support groups in the Ohio area that you can visit for emotional support and guidance. For the addict, post-treatment addiction support groups help maintain community support, motivation to remain sober and help maintain positive coping skills. Our alumni group at Lumiere Healing Centers of Ohio meets every Saturday to bring together recovering alumni members. Together, they share their collective experience to bolster continued success as they traverse the road to long-term recovery. Support groups offer a [...]

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Helping Your Loved One Recover From Addiction


Dealing with addiction doesn’t come with a rule book or a “one size fits all” approach. There are so many different variables that can affect how addiction permeates the world of the individual and the entire family. And one of the topics that is often lesser addressed is that there is a path of healing for both the suffering addict, and the loved one, caretaker or family who has been left in their wake. But there are guidelines and solutions that can and do help addicts, families and loved ones recover from crippling addiction, and even thrive in a new, sober [...]

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