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Do I Have An Alcohol Problem? Here Are 8 Signs of Alcohol Abuse


Alcohol abuse doesn’t look the same for everyone. However, there are key similarities that everyone can recognize. For example, when alcohol becomes a problem in your life and affects your relationships, you may need to check into an Ohio addiction treatment center. There are different levels of alcohol abuse, and even if you are not at a high-risk level yet, you shouldn’t ignore the signs of mild alcohol abuse. So, what do these signs look like exactly? Drinking More than Intended  If you go out with friends once a month and exceed your limit occasionally, that isn’t necessarily a problem. However, [...]

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What Can You Get Out of a Drug Rehab Center?


Substance abuse can affect not only you, but your friends, families, and coworkers as well. If you have noticed your relationships beginning to deteriorate as friends and family members pull away from you, it may be time to receive addiction treatment in Ohio.  Although substance abuse cannot be cured, it is treatable once you learn the right tools to foster healthy relationships and get back on track. You can gain a lot out of an Ohio addiction treatment facility, like Lumiere Healing Centers. At our drug rehab center, you will be in a safe environment, guided by professionals, and surrounded by [...]

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5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Addiction


Addiction is hard to witness a loved one go through especially after some time. There are many ups and downs, and sometimes we have a hard time understanding.    We want to help them the best we can, but where to even begin?    Here at Lumiere Healing Centers, we work with those struggling with substance addictions all of the time. Through all of our years of working to help people maintain sobriety, we have also helped loved ones understand addiction better. With this information, they know how to approach addiction with their loved ones and how to best support them. [...]

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3 Ways an Ohio Addiction Treatment Center Can Help Your Loved One


Addiction treatment is valuable for those who struggle with addiction for obvious reasons, the main being learning to lead a life of sobriety. However, there are many other ways an Ohio addiction treatment center can benefit your loved one. Whether they have just become dependent on a substance or if they have struggled with addiction for some time now, we can help.    Not only does the entire experience of kicking addiction give those in recovery a new perspective, but it can also teach them a lot about themselves. Some people find that entering Lumiere Healing Centers inpatient or outpatient rehab [...]

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Here’s Why You Should Detox in a Rehabilitation Facility


Detoxing is step one of the rehabilitation process and it is one of the most critical steps. Detox is where your body gets to press reset and truly begin your journey to sobriety. Here at Lumiere Healing Centers, your local Ohio addiction treatment center, we offer all types of rehab programs for you to enter. Regardless if inpatient or outpatient treatment is right for you, detox is always going to be step one. We know it sounds overwhelming and scary, but many people report feeling level-headed and ready to tackle sobriety confidently afterward.  Something people find that helps them regarding detoxification [...]

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Adderall Addiction Treatment Can Help You and Here’s How!


When people think of addiction, it isn't often that Adderall is discussed. But Adderall addiction in Ohio is very real and on the rise. Many people rely on this drug to regulate their minds and body due to conditions like ADHD. However, some people do not need this drug and instead abuse it as a productivity booster or party drug.   It may seem like fun and games at first. But abusing Adderall can result in health problems such as withdrawal symptoms, serious heart problems, and even death. Most people who need Adderall and get it prescribed to them can avoid [...]

Adderall Addiction Treatment Can Help You and Here’s How!2021-04-06T16:32:03+00:00

Do You Really Need Inpatient Rehab in Ohio?


Ohio is the fourth highest state in the country for drug overdoses and addiction, with the problem becoming worse. Most people who are suffering from dependence on drugs need treatment that helps them to wane off of these substances. The problem is that going to inpatient treatment in Ohio is filled with misconceptions and they don’t know if it is for them.  The confusion makes the situation worse by not seeking out treatment when it is needed. The big question is; how do you know when inpatient care is required? The answer requires looking at specific factors to decide if this [...]

Do You Really Need Inpatient Rehab in Ohio?2021-03-31T16:27:25+00:00

3 Social Signs That Your Loved One Could Use Addiction Treatment in Ohio


You may be getting suspicions that your loved one is going through a rough patch. You may not know for sure, but if you have a gut feeling, don't ignore it. Chances are that you are onto something. If you aren't sure if addiction is playing a role in the rough patch, don't stress too much. Trying to notice the signs of addiction can be difficult. Some of the key signs are very similar to other usual problems. There are also different types of signs to keep an eye out for. Here at Lumiere Healing Center, we know how difficult this [...]

3 Social Signs That Your Loved One Could Use Addiction Treatment in Ohio2021-04-30T18:21:59+00:00

Here Are Five Signs It’s Time to Seek Ohio Addiction Treatment


Everyone knows that the first step to addiction treatment is admitting that there’s a problem. For some, this realization comes sooner rather than later. For others, they only recognize the need for therapy after all other outlets have failed them. None the less, if you’re considering signing up for addiction treatment, you’re not alone.    Millions of Americans have suffered from alcoholism and drug addiction and are finally seeking the help they need. If you’re wondering whether or not you or someone near you may struggle with alcohol addiction, we’re sharing five signs that indicate it’s time to consider addiction treatment [...]

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