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Understanding The Four Stages of Addiction Recovery


One of the hardest things you can do in life is admitting you have a drug and/or alcohol problem, then take the necessary steps to find treatment. When you find a center for addiction treatment in Ohio, such as Lumiere Healing Centers, your journey to recovery has just begun. You will go through four stages of recovery: treatment initiation, early abstinence, maintaining abstinence, and advanced recovery. These stages were created by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and have helped countless individuals recover from addiction. All patients who are admitted into our care will go through the same four steps, [...]

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Stages of Drug Recovery


Drug recovery is one of the more difficult processes to go through. People who suffer from substance abuse often lose far too much before they even consider recovery. However, the support of their loved ones and a good treatment program can go a long way to help them recover and live a sober, drug-free life. To give you a better idea of what you or a loved one will go through, we will explain the stages of drug recovery. Always remember to consult Lumiere Healing Centers in Ohio for the best treatment programs that provide long-term outcomes for users in recovery. [...]

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