Helping Your Loved One Recover From Addiction


Dealing with addiction doesn’t come with a rule book or a “one size fits all” approach. There are so many different variables that can affect how addiction permeates the world of the individual and the entire family. And one of the topics that is often lesser addressed is that there is a path of healing for both the suffering addict, and the loved one, caretaker or family who has been left in their wake. But there are guidelines and solutions that can and do help addicts, families and loved ones recover from crippling addiction, and even thrive in a new, sober [...]

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The Unique Issues Women Face Who Suffer With Addiction


As the stigma of addiction begins to lessen, more studies and stories are being released explaining the reasons for addiction in our culture. In specific, women have unique realities – both physiologically and societally – that differ from men, which researchers have been identifying that can lead them to addiction. Overall, studies still show that more men in the United States are dependent on drugs and alcohol than women, about 20% of men suffering versus between 7% and 12% of women. However, of the women who suffer from addiction, a greater percentage of them are willing to seek treatment than men. [...]

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Why The Whole Family Suffers From Addiction


While an individual's addiction may be hidden behind tight lips and closed doors, it doesn’t mean that the people around that person won’t be affected. As much as addiction thrives in isolation, it can continue to grow in an unhealthy familial dynamic. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), addiction is a family disease. If the family is considered a “system,” where connection circulates fluidly through multiple relationships, addiction causes a spark that can subtly create tension, dishonesty, fear, and resentment - overtime changing thinking patterns and behavioral patterns that cause the entire system to malfunction. While [...]

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