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3 Reasons Why Group Therapy in Addiction Treatment is Critical


There is perhaps no area in which an excellent counselor is desperately needed than in the addiction treatment space. A licensed substance abuse counselor can make a tremendous impact on a current or recovering addicts life. While there are many nuances to treating and guiding those who are having substance abuse problems, group therapy is a critical component to letting people know that they are not alone. In group therapy, a person in recovery can sit in a non-judgmental space and vent their frustrations with other people who are in solidarity with them. Three of the most impactful aspects of group [...]

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Top 10 Street Drugs of 2019


As the opioid epidemic rages on, drug overdose deaths are at an all-time high. In fact, the rates of drug overdose death have reduced the national rate of life expectancy for the last three years in a row. Unfortunately, these trends may continue into the new year. Moreover, opioids are not the only threat to the nation's overall health. Data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) on emerging trends and patterns in the United States has revealed a list of street drugs with persistent trends. Based on that information, here are the top 10 most dangerous street drugs that could drive [...]

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Heroin Detox


Heroin Addiction Detox Recovering from heroin addiction is incredibly difficult, even with the assistance of a comprehensive heroin rehab treatment program. The first major challenge is taking action to get help. But even once you have overcome that challenge, the process doesn’t become easy. One of the main reasons that heroin addiction is so difficult to overcome is because a large percentage of addicts never get past the first stage of treatment: heroin addiction detox. Detox Challenges Studies reveal that medical detox is one of the main stages during which recovering addicts leave heroin treatment programs. Reasons for leaving vary, but most of [...]

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