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What Are the Benefits of Outpatient Rehab in Ohio?


There are many types of addictions out there, and everyone who is an addict is affected differently. With that said, it's a no-brainer that treatment options need to take a variety of approaches. There is not a one size fits all treatment option. Something that works for your friend will not work for you, and vice versa. If you or a loved one is seeking addiction treatment, keep in mind that addiction treatment is catered to your needs at Lumiere Healing Centers. We have all types of rehab options, each with a variety of treatment methods. One type of rehab we [...]

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Interesting Facts about Outpatient Rehab in Ohio


Those suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction face challenges in coming to grips with it. They don’t always understand how it is affecting not only them but their family, friends, and community. The problem is that their addiction threatens the strength of these bonds leading to a downward spiral of adverse outcomes. Outpatient rehab in Ohio with the help of a team like what we have here at Lumiere Healing Center treats their addiction and does so in a responsible way.  Here are several facts about outpatient rehab and how it can help you or your loved ones beat their [...]

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Is Outpatient Rehab the Right Option For You?


Once you have decided that you want to enter rehabilitation, you now have to make one more decision. Are you going to do outpatient rehab in Ohio or inpatient rehab? Both options are great and will provide you with the help you need. However, one option may be a better fit for your lifestyle. If you have never heard of or considered outpatient rehab before, you may not know enough about it. Many people assume they have to live in a facility, but that's not always the case. Regardless of what you decide on, here at Lumiere Healing Center, we offer [...]

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Inpatient Rehab vs. Outpatient Rehab: Which Option is Best for You?


Deciding to enter yourself into a rehab center is a big decision to make, but it's one that will change your life. Entering rehab can do wonders for many people and it is often the first step in their path to happiness. Drug Rehab and Treatment gives them a safe place to rebuild their life, detox from drugs or alcohol, and learn tools to maintain sobriety for the long-term. However, before you start this journey, you need to decide which type of rehabilitation is best for you. Some people prefer inpatient, while others prefer outpatient. Neither option is a bad one; [...]

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4 Reasons to Join Outpatient Rehab in Ohio


When you’re deciding to join a rehab center, you have the option in some facilities to choose between outpatient and inpatient therapy. Generally, the rehab center will do their best to advise you on which avenue they feel will be better for your unique situation. When addiction habits are quite severe, and they’ve been happening for a long time, it’s common for people to advise towards inpatient therapy. However, if the case is less drastic, outpatient therapy is a common alternative.    Outpatient rehab in Ohio is different from inpatient rehab in numerous ways. Many individuals think that outpatient therapy isn’t [...]

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