Life After Rehab: 5 Steps on Your Road To Sobriety


You have finally completed your rehab program. You should feel proud of yourself for getting this far, as not everyone can accomplish what you just did. Although your program lasted one to two months, sobriety is a lifelong commitment with a few ups and downs. If you just finished our addiction treatment in Ohio and you’re reading this, it’s because you want to take the right steps to ensure a successful recovery. You have coping skills you were taught in rehab, so use them throughout your journey. It's true, life can be a little more stressful than rehab and it is [...]

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Helping Your Loved One Recover From Addiction


Dealing with addiction doesn’t come with a rule book or a “one size fits all” approach. There are so many different variables that can affect how addiction permeates the world of the individual and the entire family. And one of the topics that is often lesser addressed is that there is a path of healing for both the suffering addict, and the loved one, caretaker or family who has been left in their wake. But there are guidelines and solutions that can and do help addicts, families and loved ones recover from crippling addiction, and even thrive in a new, sober [...]

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Alcohol and Medication: A Deadly Combination


Did you know that thousands of people die every year of unintentional overdose death from mixing prescription medications with alcohol? And while many of us are aware that alcohol can have negative side effects when mixed with medication, only a fraction of people take those concerns seriously. In truth, you should never mix alcohol with medication. Medications change the chemical makeup of our body. Alcohol, another chemical solution, further affects this internal “cocktail”. The results can be dire if not deadly. Even “over the counter” medications can have significant side effects, often overlooked by most. At Lumiere Healing Centers of Ohio, [...]

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Fentanyl: The Modern Epidemic


For many years, Heroin was considered the most feared drug on our planet. The implications form using heroin just one time were dire. Not only is heroin supremely addictive, but it often results in death for the individual. With all the focus on preventing the spread of heroin use, we were simply not prepared for something even worse; even deadlier: Fentanyl. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid prescribed only to treat patients with severe pain. It is lab-created to mimic the structure of morphine but, according to the NIDA, is 50-100 times more potent ( Fentanyl is typically prescribed to people who [...]

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The Benefits of Family Therapy for Addiction Treatment


We like to say that addiction is but a symptom of an underlying issue, or string of issues. Someone who becomes dependent on drugs and/or alcohol does so as a coping mechanism for the other things that are negatively impacting their life. And while addiction may have spawned from any number of places, the family plays an integral role – at times feeding the addiction, or potentially subduing it. Practically no other relationship is as tense or intimate as the one we share with our family members. As such, it can precipitate, or magnify addiction patterns. On a positive note, having [...]

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Trauma and Addiction


Trauma often plays a leading role in the history of an addict. A surreptitious foe, trauma can rear its ugly head practically anytime: while a person is stressed, fatigued, happy or even while they’re sleeping. In fact, most of us deal with trauma and can relate to the feelings that trauma elicits. However, not all of us cope by way of destructive behaviors or substance abuse. For the addict who “uses” to quell trauma, it can be a particularly precarious journey to reach long-term recovery when their drug of choice tends to be their primary coping mechanism. Childhood Trauma Mountains of [...]

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How To Tell If You Or A Loved One Is Addicted To Drugs Or Alcohol


We rarely see what we’re not looking for. And addiction can be the same for family members, loved ones, and even the addict themselves. But as with many afflictions, addiction has a set of patterns that begin to emerge as recreational use shifts to dependency. You may have noticed some odd changes in behavior, or a string of bad luck potentially tied to drug or alcohol use. You may not be being paranoid, in fact, you are more than likely seeing addiction manifest itself. If you are concerned that you or your loved one are addicted to drugs or alcohol, read [...]

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Dangers of Highly Potent Marijuana Concentrates


Last year, a pattern of concern began to emerge surrounding the effects of using highly potent marijuana concentrates. You may have heard in the news that there were a number of spikes in emergency room visits and hospitalizations due to “vaping” (or e-cigarette) usage, particularly in younger adults. The patients were experiencing lung failure, and in some cases, even death. This spurred an investigation to uncover what was causing such harmful pulmonary conditions, and why. Here’s what we know. Understanding THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) Marijuana has evolved since gaining popularity in the 20th century. And while it’s been around for over 5,000 years [...]

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Is Quarantine Turning Me Into an Addict


How stay-at-home orders and social distancing is reshaping the pervasiveness of addiction We have gotten an influx of calls and inquiries lately about people, family members and spouses asking if they or their loved one has an addiction, either to alcohol, drugs or medications. The rise in concern about addiction is a result of many factors, all of which have been provoked due to quarantine and “Stay-At-Home” orders. Here’s why. Understanding Addiction To conceptualize addiction, it’s important to understand what precedes it. Often, addiction (whether to food, alcohol, drugs or anything else) is typically adopted as a form of “coping mechanism”. [...]

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Alternatives To Opiates and Heroin


Having an addiction to opiates, it turns out, is not a rare condition. Things like sports injuries, stress fractures, back conditions, fibromyalgia, nerve damage, arthritis and more can lead to chronic pain in the old and young alike, pointing them to opioid pain medication for relief. In fact, the National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that (in 2017) about 1.7 million Americans suffered from a substance use disorder linked to opioid pain relivers, with about 650,000 of them using heroin as an alternative. However, statistics can never estimate the real usage rate, which may far surpass any statistics on record. [...]

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