Understanding The Four Stages of Addiction Recovery


One of the hardest things you can do in life is admitting you have a drug and/or alcohol problem, then take the necessary steps to find treatment. When you find a center for addiction treatment in Ohio, such as Lumiere Healing Centers, your journey to recovery has just begun. You will go through four stages of recovery: treatment initiation, early abstinence, maintaining abstinence, and advanced recovery. These stages were created by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and have helped countless individuals recover from addiction. All patients who are admitted into our care will go through the same four steps, [...]

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Stages of Drug Recovery


Drug recovery is one of the more difficult processes to go through. People who suffer from substance abuse often lose far too much before they even consider recovery. However, the support of their loved ones and a good treatment program can go a long way to help them recover and live a sober, drug-free life. To give you a better idea of what you or a loved one will go through, we will explain the stages of drug recovery. Always remember to consult Lumiere Healing Centers in Ohio for the best treatment programs that provide long-term outcomes for users in recovery. [...]

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Opiate Detox as an Effective Form of Treatment


When people endure pain, it isn’t uncommon for their doctor to suggest they use medication. Most common pain can be treated with over-the-counter medications, like Advil or Tylenol.  But when people experience severe pain, such as after their surgery, or a serious accident, doctors will often prescribe opioids.  Opioids are the strongest type of medication available, and when used correctly, they are a highly effective form of treatment. When abused, they can lead to drug addiction and even drug overdose.  If you or someone you love is struggling with opiate addiction, contact Lumiere Healing Centers about our drug addiction recovery in [...]

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5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Addiction Rehab Center


You’re on the road to addiction recovery in Ohio.  You are aware that you have a problem, you have taken the time to reflect on the past mistakes you made, and now you’re researching rehab programs that may be right for you.  You have taken incredible strides towards improving your well-being and this is a big step on your behalf! Choosing the right rehab program is an important choice, as it can determine the success of your recovery.  Before admitting yourself as a patient, make sure to ask these questions. What treatment methods do you use? Treatment methods vary depending on [...]

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Overcome Your Addiction With an Alcohol Detox in Ohio


Alcoholism is a disease that can affect the brain, causing individuals to feel physically and mentally dependent on alcohol. Alcohol addiction can lead to safety and health risks, inability to control one’s emotions, and trouble maintaining healthy relationships and responsibilities, like school or work.  Alcohol addiction varies by person, but one common treatment is abstaining from alcohol.  Programs, like our alcohol detox in Ohio, can help individuals maintain abstinence and limit withdrawal symptoms.  With the right treatment, you can learn the coping skills, tools, and techniques to successfully abstain from alcohol and live a healthy life. Keep reading to learn more. [...]

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Medical Detox and How it Can Help Those in Alcohol Addiction Recovery


Medical detox is a standard part of the sobriety process, however, many people often hear about its use only when it comes to narcotics. Luckily, patients who come to Lumiere Healing Centers for alcohol addiction recovery also benefit from undergoing a medical alcohol detox in Ohio.    During this step, the patient will have around-the-clock medical attention and have the opportunity to press reset.    Not only does detoxing help encourage new beginnings and a new path for patients, but it's the safest way to remove substances from the system.   If you or a loved one is looking to enter [...]

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Do I Have An Alcohol Problem? Here Are 8 Signs of Alcohol Abuse


Alcohol abuse doesn’t look the same for everyone. However, there are key similarities that everyone can recognize. For example, when alcohol becomes a problem in your life and affects your relationships, you may need to check into an Ohio addiction treatment center. There are different levels of alcohol abuse, and even if you are not at a high-risk level yet, you shouldn’t ignore the signs of mild alcohol abuse. So, what do these signs look like exactly? Drinking More than Intended  If you go out with friends once a month and exceed your limit occasionally, that isn’t necessarily a problem. However, [...]

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What Can You Get Out of a Drug Rehab Center?


Substance abuse can affect not only you, but your friends, families, and coworkers as well. If you have noticed your relationships beginning to deteriorate as friends and family members pull away from you, it may be time to receive addiction treatment in Ohio.  Although substance abuse cannot be cured, it is treatable once you learn the right tools to foster healthy relationships and get back on track. You can gain a lot out of an Ohio addiction treatment facility, like Lumiere Healing Centers. At our drug rehab center, you will be in a safe environment, guided by professionals, and surrounded by [...]

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5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Addiction


Addiction is hard to witness a loved one go through especially after some time. There are many ups and downs, and sometimes we have a hard time understanding.    We want to help them the best we can, but where to even begin?    Here at Lumiere Healing Centers, we work with those struggling with substance addictions all of the time. Through all of our years of working to help people maintain sobriety, we have also helped loved ones understand addiction better. With this information, they know how to approach addiction with their loved ones and how to best support them. [...]

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3 Ways an Ohio Addiction Treatment Center Can Help Your Loved One


Addiction treatment is valuable for those who struggle with addiction for obvious reasons, the main being learning to lead a life of sobriety. However, there are many other ways an Ohio addiction treatment center can benefit your loved one. Whether they have just become dependent on a substance or if they have struggled with addiction for some time now, we can help.    Not only does the entire experience of kicking addiction give those in recovery a new perspective, but it can also teach them a lot about themselves. Some people find that entering Lumiere Healing Centers inpatient or outpatient rehab [...]

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