Chief Richard Wallace’s Community Services

Chief Richard WallaceCincinnati Christian University, Cincinnati, Ohio holds a public awards program each year to honor public servants and first responders.  Chief Wallace received an Honorable Mention in the award category of Community Service and Problem Solving and will be recognized at the September 11, 2017 Beyond the Call awards program.  The criteria for this category recognizes honorees who have devoted themselves to an usually high level of service to the community, engaging with others in a positive way to resolve issues of concern to individuals and community groups.  Chief Wallace’s nomination, submitted by Lt. Blum and Administrative Assistant Anna Shaw, details the Chief’s passion for mutual aid to surrounding communities, connecting on social media with the residents, and engaging the Village’s growing Jewish population and collaborating with the local rabbis to address issues within the community

  • When the Chief understood the perils of those walking to temple, reflective sashes were made available at no cost to residents.
  • A crosswalk in the most heavily traveled area was installed at the Chief’s command, enabling pedestrians to cross a heavily trafficked street with greater ease.
  • The Chief also instituted a menorah lighting ceremony during Chanukah, held in Council Chambers where residents can join in the celebration.
  • A local Chametz burning is now accommodated and monitored by the Amberley Village Police and Fire Department at the Chief’s request. Chametz, a Hebrew term for food mixed with leaven, is ceremoniously burned safely now thanks to the Chief.
  • Lack of Interest in the World Around Them. When a person becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, their whole world soon begins to revolve around the addiction. You may see your loved one avoiding friends and family, giving up hobbies, and ceasing to participate in their normal activities because of their addiction.
  • Cessation of Responsible Behavior. If your loved one starts missing work or school on a regular basis, look for other signs of addiction. Addicts may also suffer from the aftereffects of a drug or alcohol binge and feel ill and unable to work.
  • The Mayerson JCC, located in Amberley Village, has had a large impact on the community and the department alike. Chief Wallace works hand-in-hand with Safe Cincinnati (based at the JCC) which is a community-wide initiative to improve Jewish Cincinnati’s readiness to deal with security threats and natural disasters. The Chief has initiated programs to help train the staff of the JCC on disaster preparedness. Drills are held regularly to help keep the staff mentally and physically prepared.

Chief Wallace has been an Advocate of Lumiere Healing Centers since we opened. Congratulations to Chief Wallace for receiving this recognition!

This is a free, public event and residents are encouraged to attend the awards program on Monday, September 11 at 10 a.m., held in the Cincinnati Christian University’s Worship and Ministry Center Chapel, 2700 Glenway Avenue. For more information on the program, call 513-244-8492 or visit

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