Drug Alert Smoking Raid Bug Spray

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The authorities in Indianapolis, Indiana are worried about an increase in overdoses for a street drug commonly known as KD (variety of drugs laced with bug spray) that produces a zombie like effect for the user after they begin smoking Raid bug spray or a similar brand. A completely catatonic effect takes over the person and they are not able to move or talk. In extreme cases overdoses can even result in a coma. Here at Lumiere Healing Centers, we see many dangerous addictions but this is one of the most awful drug alert trends that we have seen recently from people smoking Raid bug spray.

The street drug “KD” is created when people spray bug spray like Raid or Off that have high concentrations of pesticides directly onto substances like tobacco or synthetic marijuana and then smoke it. This can lead to a severe reaction like the inability to speak or move while also inhibiting the function of breathing. The movements are slow and lethargic with a lot of drooling that can be described as a catatonic state. The drug is highly addictive and just a small amount can lead to an overdose.

Indianapolis Fire Department Station 27 has reported almost a dozen KD overdoses in just one day. The biggest problem with this new street drug is that bug spray is accessible to anyone. Also being a synthetic drug, it cannot be detected on a standard drug test.

But wait, it gets even worse when bug killer gets used in conjuction with harder drugs. This even more depraved combination of hard drugs which is sometimes called “Hotshot” is created through a simple process of combining methamphetamine and bug spray but instead of smoking it, users are injecting It directly into their veins. So for around $20 a bag, the user can visit an experience only known to a cockroach just seconds before it’s death.

Most concerning, this is a unique situation in which bug spray is used as a dangerous drug but there is little action law enforcement can take because it is not illegal to possess bug spray. There is currently no legal recourse for this type of drug abuse.

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