Drug and Alcohol recovery is easily one of the hardest things many people will go through during their life. Of course, no one ever makes it a life goal to become a drug addict or an alcohol addict, but life’s experiences can have a way of changing the path we see for ourselves. The good news is that, if you have found yourself struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, the team here at Lumiere can guide you on your path to recovery.

When you come to us for your drug and alcohol rehab in Ohio, you’re getting a compassionate team of professionals who actually wants to help you! We’ve been in your shoes and we know how you feel, we know what it takes to help you live a healthier sober life and we want to help you do that.

3 Keys to Recovery

  • Evidence-Based Approach

    • A superior step-down treatment model
    • Safe and comfortable detox
    • Full residential treatment
    • Flexible outpatient treatment
    • Individualized high-quality care
  • Catered Support System

    • Caring and compassionate staff
    • Individual behavioral counseling
    • Collaborative and Comprehensive Therapies
    • Aftercare to provide long-term results
    • An Active alumni program
  • Healing Environment

    • State-Of-The-Art facilities
    • Luxurious amenities and serene atmosphere
    • Focus on nutrition and holistic health
    • Creating new passions/hobbies
    • Focusing on healthier lifestyles
    • Building solid foundations to lasting recovery

Come See Us for Your Drug and Alcohol Recovery in Ohio!

You don’t have to struggle with drug and alcohol addiction and you don’t have to go through recovery alone! Change your life for the better and start living a healthier more sober life with the experts here at Lumiere Healing Centers in Ohio. Our alcohol rehab centers can helps you to recover from alcohol abuse and also provides aftercare recommendations. Our compassionate staff is here to make sure you get the treatment you need to have a long-lasting positive impact on your life. To learn more about us and how we can help you, give us a call today or click here to contact us.

Drug Treatment Center Ohio

Addiction is a condition that must be treated with care, dignity, and respect. We believe that it takes a staff of caring and professional experts to deliver the kind of treatment that our clients deserve. When you come to us for help, we want you to feel a warm welcome the moment you walk through the front door of our Ohio drug rehab.

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