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Drug Rehab Indianapolis Indiana

Addiction is difficult.

You may have enjoyed the effects of a drug at first, but it’s not fun any longer when you have to use it or you face withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Or maybe you turned to an addictive substance as support for dealing with problems but you quickly learned that the problems didn’t get better. They only grew as addiction created its own problems.

Whatever the path to your addiction, you’re now stuck struggling. You’re facing withdrawal symptoms between uses and whenever you try to stop using, you have cravings and need more to get the same effects and you don’t seem to be able to quit even when you try. Your life is crumbling around you, with the addiction affecting your home life, your work life and your social/community life. Your physical and mental health are also deteriorating.

If the addiction hasn’t taken its full toll on your life yet, you’re at least starting to see signs of it. Or perhaps someone else pointed out the negative effects it’s causing even if you can’t quite see it. Maybe you’re even a family member or friend reading this who is seeing how addiction is affecting your loved one and the people around him or her.

If you’re seeing that addiction is bringing your life down and wanting to make a change, don’t give up hope. It’s possible to make a change. Even if you don’t think you need help, try to look at your life and see how substance use may be affecting it and the other people in your life in a negative way. Treatment can help no matter where you are in your addiction journey.

If you don’t think treatment can help you and it hasn’t in the past, keep in mind that there are different kinds of treatments, approaches and settings so trying something new might be the key to your success. Your previous treatment plan may have missed something about your care that needs to be addressed, such as a co-occurring mental disorder or the need for more flexibility or more structure. A tailored plan that can be adjusted as needed can help.

At Lumiere Healing Centers, we provide quality and customized drug rehab Indianapolis that’s a step ahead of others. We can help you overcome your addiction and support you in staying on track with recovery.

Types of Drug Rehab Indianapolis

When you start to look into drug rehabs in Indianapolis, you discover many choices available to you. You could attend 12-step meetings specific to the type of drug you use. You could go to a flexible outpatient program or have visits with an addiction or mental health professional. You could go to halfway houses or sober residences. And you could enter intensive outpatient treatment or inpatient programs.

These are all different settings that offer some type of treatment for an addiction. You’ll discover that different settings and even the different companies/professionals within each type of setting can vary in what they offer. It’s worth comparing and contrasting to figure out which one would be best for you. An addiction professional could help you determine the right drug rehab Indianapolis treatment based on your needs or you could get started with the one you think would fit your life best.

Keep in mind that people often start with one treatment setting and then make adjustments. You might start with community-based meetings but decide they don’t offer enough support. Depending on the severity of your addiction, you might need to start with a more intensive inpatient or outpatient option.

Then, many people transition to other settings when they leave an intensive inpatient or outpatient treatment setting. Transitioning to more flexible and less intensive options helps you continue with the path of sobriety in a way that can fit your life.

Nonetheless, it often helps to start with an intensive program. These programs generally include many treatment options in one program, and they offer the program on a full-time basis that really helps you focus on overcoming the addiction and starting over.

While you could get counseling and possibly medication from a visit with a professional or peer support from a community meeting, for instance, you can get a variety of treatment types from an intensive setting. In the same program, you can take advantage of medication, various types of therapy, groups, education and other forms of support.

Inpatient settings also provide the benefit of a soothing atmosphere away from home and nutrition to support your body’s healing. By being away from home, you can avoid triggers and the drug for a while to facilitate your personal growth without as many temptations. You’ll also avoid your normal stressors and problems until you learn to deal with them better.

The best treatment plan is one that tailors its approach to fit what you need from treatment. It should determine the specific problems you’re dealing with and what you as an individual need to solve them and move forward. Also, the best treatment is a plan that includes both a detox program and a rehab component, which address all parts of an addiction when combined.

The Need for Drug Rehabs in Indianapolis

The whole part of the country that includes Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia has been included in the recent widespread drug overdose epidemic from opioids. A Business Insider report from August 2016 showed a whole list of overdoses across these different states in the region.

IndyStar reported in August 2016 that the area surrounding Indianapolis was seeing increases in overdoses as part of the region-wide epidemic from heroin with the opioid fentanyl in it. WFYI Indianapolis reported in August 2016 that the number of 911 calls in Indianapolis due to opioid overdoses were on track to hit a record high. Indianapolis emergency services had been using the drug Narcan that can save people from overdose 500 to 600 times in a year, but that number went up to over 1,200 times in 2015 with the number on track to go higher in 2016.

On top of overdoses, Indianapolis and this whole region have been facing other problems associated with drugs, including trafficking, theft, violence and addiction. With our center near Cincinnati, we cater to this whole area at Lumiere. Through treatment, we can help cut down on the number of people addicted to drugs and thus the number of overdoses, the demand for drugs and the amount of involvement in the drug lifestyle.

The whole state of Indiana has had various drug problems. The 2013 Indiana Drug Control Update from the Executive Office of the President of the United States shows that meth lab seizures went up 94 percent from 2008 to 2011.

Indiana had a higher rate of fatal overdoses than the national average in 2009. Also, in 2009 to 2010, the state was in the top ten of states for drug use rates in illicit use of pain relievers and illicit drug dependence in the 26+ crowd. The update also showed that most people entering treatment in Indiana were citing marijuana use as the reason.

Local news station, The Indy Channel, reported in June 2015 that the area was seeing a pattern of people concentrating marijuana leaves using butane to create a new substance. The process is called dabbing, and it creates the substance known as Butane Honey Oil, or BHO.

The report explained that the process results in up to 80 percent of THC in the “oil.” The report noted that the process is dangerous as the resulting vapors can lead to an explosion. Also, the drug is made stronger – around four to five times more powerful than a marijuana joint, which could potentially have its dangers.

These are just some of the examples of drug trends in the Indianapolis area. Addiction treatment is needed as part of the effort to combat these drug problems in the area.

What to Expect From Lumiere’s Indianapolis Addiction Treatment

Lumiere Healing Centers in West Chester, Ohio is located just outside of Cincinnati, which is about a two-hour drive from Indianapolis. It’s a quality drug rehab Indianapolis program within a convenient distance. Since it’s an inpatient program where you live onsite, you don’t have to worry about it being a slight distance from home.

By getting away from your normal day-to-day life for the duration of your treatment, you can focus your attention on getting better without distractions, problems and temptations affecting your recovery.

At Lumiere Healing Centers, we provide a superior level of treatment. We’re the type of intensive inpatient facility where you gain a range of treatment types within one setting. We build upon our 12-step basis with a variety of effective individual therapies, including cognitive-behavioral therapy.

We also offer group therapy and family therapy to focus on different aspects of your life and ways of creating change. We provide medication, optimal nutrition and other treatments to facilitate your complete recovery.

These features are part of the rehabs in Ohio component of our facility. We also have a detox component that is recommended before you begin the rehab program. Detox helps you get the rest of the substance out of your body and supports you as you get past the difficult and sometimes dangerous symptoms that accompany the withdrawal process.

We provide both detox and rehab services at our facility so you have the option to stay with us for your whole treatment journey.

At Lumiere, our treatment plans are customized to each person. We start your journey with an assessment that gets an idea of where you’re coming from and what you need. We start there and then adjust the plan to make sure we continue to provide the right treatment for you.

We provide an experience that is above many other facilities. That’s because we offer a top-notch environment, experienced staff members and quality treatment. We also go above and beyond with extra services and amenities, such as a comprehensive aftercare program and groups during the detox phase.

Our drug rehab Indianapolis centers are able to handle a variety of addictions. We can help if your problem is with alcohol, cocaine, heroin, prescription pills or other types of drugs. Our team is able to support you if your addiction involves a combination of substances and/or a co-occurring mental disorder.

At Lumiere, we provide the support of a whole team of professionals who together can treat and support all parts of you. We offer a relaxing, luxurious environment to encourage your healing and personal growth. Our superior facility is on grounds that include beautiful nature scenes you can enjoy during your stay.

Find Support in Your Indianapolis Addiction Treatment Journey

If you or your loved one needs support for overcoming an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, we provide support for you. Our Lumiere website includes a variety of resources that are educational on addiction and on our procedures and methods at our facility. Feel free to read our resources at your leisure in the privacy of your own home.

When you have questions or would like to commit to treatment, our experienced and caring staff at Lumiere is ready to provide support. We can answer questions about treatment in general and about our program.

We’re also ready to provide an assessment to determine whether you’re a fit for our program and how we should tailor our treatment to fit your needs. Nonetheless, there is no obligation from calling us. We’re even happy to refer you somewhere else if you or we don’t think this is the program for you.

Ready to enter treatment or to get more information? Contact us today at our rehabs in Ohio or whenever you’re ready. Call 513-909-2225.