Drug Rehab In PA

Are you or someone you care about looking for helpful drug rehab in PA services?

Lumiere Healing Centers offers upscale and top-level treatment for addictions that we try to make accessible to everyone. Our caring staff, personalized plans, rejuvenating environment and added services put us in a league above other drug rehab in PA.

Lumiere Healing Centers is located in Ohio near Pennsylvania. In addition to providing treatment to residents of PA, we help people with drug problems from all the surrounding region and the rest of the country. We have a 58-bed facility that’s split between our detox and rehab services to focus on the different parts of addiction treatment. Our facility and services are designed to give you the best possible experience while you work on yourself.

At Lumiere, we provide our top-notch services in a relaxing setting surrounded by natural views. We provide trained addiction and mental health professionals, cutting-edge monitoring equipment and proven techniques, which come together to provide the highest level of addiction treatment.

At the same time, our care isn’t all about medical rehab treatment. We also offer a personal touch that makes you feel supported as you make this significant transition in your life.

Custom Drug Rehab in PA

While some drug rehab in PA offer one or a few types of treatment, such as 12-step meetings or individual counseling, our drug rehab in PA encompasses a variety of treatment methods. This approach allows us to treat each person in the way that works best for him or her. It allows us to use a combination approach to treat all parts of your addiction and have more effective results.

While we offer certain treatment techniques, we don’t stick to a cookie-cutter plan for each person. Instead, we tailor each plan to you. We conduct an assessment in the beginning to get a feel for your individual addiction and what you would need to recover from it. We create a personalized plan based on that assessment, but then we check back and continue to make sure your plan is always working for you. If it’s not, we make adjustments.

What to Expect at Lumiere Drug Rehab in PA

During your stay at Lumiere Healing Centers, you will experience different types of treatment carried out by our team of experts. We have a medical team of doctors and nurses, therapists and social workers, and other staff members here to help you at our drug rehab in PA.

If you’re in our detox program, the focus of your care is on getting the drug out of your system and getting through the often difficult symptoms that come on during withdrawal. We provide observation with high-tech monitoring equipment and the watchful eye of our medical team.

We offer medication when it’s appropriate to ease dangerous or uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal. Also, we stand apart from other drug rehab in PA centers because we offer extra services during treatment, including educational and support groups and an alumni program.

The withdrawal process can be very difficult but it’s worth going through it. If you don’t, you continue on the path where overdose is possible or where addiction leads to a steady decline of your health and your life.

The withdrawal process is a time of change when you get rid of the drug and work to heal your body and mind. With our drug detox program at Lumiere Healing Centers, we make the process more comfortable to help you transition and ensure you stick with the commitment you’re making to a new way of living.

It’s smart for our patients to start with our detox program and then transition into our drug rehab in PA program. Treatment is not finished once you finish detoxing a toxic drug from your system. There are still parts of the addiction present in your life that won’t go away.

Addiction alters the mind and body. It often deteriorates relationships, cuts off sources of income and makes life harder in a variety of ways. The rehab part of addiction is when you address all of this. Completing a drug rehab in PA, you work to break the hold addiction has formed in your life and to start a new path.

Our program also includes healthy and gourmet meals that can help your body heal itself. We provide a relaxing environment with luxurious rooms, supportive staff members, an alumni program to follow up with you and a variety of other amenities and services.

If you have any questions regarding our drug rehab in PA program, contact Lumiere Healing Centers today at 513-909-2225.