Whether you have completed a formal addiction recovery program, or are looking for resources to better understand addiction, there are several addiction recovery meetings and support groups in the Ohio area that you can visit for emotional support and guidance.

For the addict, post-treatment addiction support groups help maintain community support, motivation to remain sober and help maintain positive coping skills. Our alumni group at Lumiere Healing Centers of Ohio meets every Saturday to bring together recovering alumni members. Together, they share their collective experience to bolster continued success as they traverse the road to long-term recovery.

Support groups offer a safe space to be able to discuss what you’re thinking, feeling and experiencing. It is often said that the purpose of a support group is to identify, not compare. By identifying, we are able to help share our collective experience, strength and hope. Addiction support groups help to bring individuals out of isolation and into the loving arms of a community who cares and understands the issues you’re facing.

There are many varieties of recovery meetings and support groups in Ohio. Here is a comprehensive listing of support group meetings in Ohio that might serve you:

Recovery Meetings for Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Ohio

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate recovery is a Christian-based recovery program that focuses on the 12-step recovery model. Celebrate Recovery offers services for those dealing with chemical dependency as well as codependency meetings for the loved one(s) of an addict, in addition to 12 other group models. For Celebrate Recovery meetings in Ohio, visit the following link: https://locator.crgroups.info

SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery stands for “Self-Management and Recovery Training”. The premise of this specific addiction recovery track is to offer an alternative method for reaching long-term recovery when traditional tracks have failed, like 12-step based programs. Their mantra is, “Working together to resolve addiction problems.” The program is founded on what they call a science based “4-Point Program.” To find a SMART Recovery group in Ohio, visit the following link: https://www.smartrecoverytest.org/local/meetings/?search_location=West+Chester+Township%2C+OH%2C+USA&search_radius=50&search_lat=39.3321262&search_lng=-84.4172666&listing_label%5B%5D=Public

Traditional, 12-step based programs that focus on individual chemical or drug(s) of choice are as follows:

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Ohio


Narcotics Anonymous meetings in Ohio


Chemically Dependent Anonymous meetings in Ohio (for those suffering with drug and alcohol addiction, these meetings do not make a distinction based on the type of chemical dependency, but addresses addiction as a whole)


Cocaine Anonymous meetings in Ohio


Dual Recovery Anonymous meetings in Ohio (these addiction support meetings are for those who have been diagnosed with both a chemical dependency as well as a psychological disorder)


Marijuana Anonymous meetings in Ohio


Recovering Couples Anonymous

Recovery Meetings for Parents of Addicts in Ohio

Perhaps those who need guidance the most are the family members and loved ones who are left in the wake of another’s addiction. And while we often focus on the recovery of the suffering addict, it’s just as important for those who have cared for the addict to get better, too. Addiction recovery meetings for family members can help them overcome feelings of guilt and frustration. The group helps one another understand how to move on with living their life, whether their loved one gets better or not. Common themes are understanding codependency, enabling and other behaviors that often need to be addressed in order to affect real change for the entire unit.

Here are a list of group meeting-finders in Ohio:

Al-Anon and AlaTeen



Families Anonymous




Self-Help Groups in Ohio

You don’t have to have addiction problems yourself, or be the parent of an addicted child, to benefit from a self-help group. If addiction has affected your life in one way or another, a self-help group may be a wonderful place to receive the support you need. Perhaps a parent, family member, friend or loved one has battled with addiction, and their actions while in active addiction have negatively affected your life, sense of self or emotional stability.

The good news is that you are not alone. Millions of people deal with emotional trauma as a result of the addiction of another. It can take the form or physical or emotional abuse, create co-dependency or make you into an enabler. The important thing to know is it’s not your fault, and you deserve to get better, too. When you decide enough is enough, alcohol rehab at Lumiere Healing Centers is here for you.

Here are some self-help group meeting finders in Ohio:

Adult Children of Alcoholics


Codependents Anonymous


If you would like more information about addiction treatment, or help finding resources for addiction help in the Ohio area, we encourage you to call us at Lumiere Healing Centers of Ohio. We have a staff of professional experts which provides best alcohol rehab services in Cincinnati and Ohio. You can reach us at: 513-987-9392.

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