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Florence Rehab

Does this story sound familiar to you? You have a family member or friend who’s drug and alcohol use got out of control at some point and they don’t want to be such a slave to addiction. The decline of health, relationships, finances and other aspects of life aren’t fun and show that the addiction didn’t solve any problems but actually created more.

Is this how you feel? Or maybe you have a different experience but you’re stuck in addiction nonetheless, our rehabs in Ohio treatment can help.

Even if you’re a family member trying to find help for someone else with addiction, and you’re not sure if the person will be receptive, treatment can help.

It’s understandable to be uncertain about treatment or whether it will really make any difference. You might be hesitant about having a sober life or about going through difficult withdrawal symptoms. But the treatment industry has made many advances over the years and we have come to learn a lot about the processes going on in addiction and what to do to change the course of someone’s life. Treatment can and does help people overcome an addiction and stick with sobriety.

At Lumiere Healing Centers, we provide quality Florence rehab centers. We pride ourselves on offering the highest level of care in a rejuvenating environment with compassionate and experienced staff members.

Our West Chester, Ohio facility serves the whole region of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. You could also come and live in our facility during your treatment if you’re coming from another part of the country.

Finding the Right Florence Rehab

Having effective treatment for an addiction to drugs or alcohol is all about finding the right treatment. But there is no right path that fits everyone. It’s more about what’s right for you. You need custom treatment that is tailored by addiction professionals to fit the type of drug(s) you use, whether you have polydrug use (using multiple drugs), whether you have a co-occurring mental disorder, how long you have been using the drug and many other factors.

It’s also important to consider what kind of treatment setting would best fit your life and responsibilities to stick with it once you start. Would certain treatment approaches work best for you? Often, it helps to include a number of treatment approaches within one treatment plan.

There are many treatment types and settings available to people dealing with addiction. You could rely on the help of medication, individual and group therapy, family therapy, education, peer support and other treatment types.

Some settings offer one or a few of these types within their treatment programs while other settings offer a wide variety. Different settings include office visits with addiction or mental health professionals, outpatient programs, community meetings, sober residences, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient programs and inpatient programs.

The different settings all have their own pluses and minuses and can be beneficial for different people depending on each person’s needs. Also, many people take part in various settings. They may start with a more intensive program and then step down to less intensive options as they transition to sobriety from addiction.

An addiction professional can help you come up with a plan that fits your needs specifically to help you have your best chance at success.

Why Florence Rehab is Needed

Our Lumiere substance use disorder treatment facility spread to include Ohio. At the same time, we have the goal of helping the entire region around Ohio with our facility in West Chester, Ohio. We know that this part of the country has had problems with drugs that quality treatment programs can help. Even though our facility is in a different state, its location just outside of Cincinnati is very close to Florence, KY.

Similar to Ohio, Kentucky’s rates of accidental overdose deaths involving heroin have gone up in recent times. A report in Cincinnati.com showed that Northern Kentucky has had higher rates of fatal drug overdoses than other parts of Kentucky. Florence’s Boone County was ranked fifth of the 120 counties in Kentucky for highest drug overdose rates. The report said that many of these deaths involved heroin.

The River City News reported in June 2016 that Northern Kentucky was facing high amounts of overdose deaths involving both heroin and the strong opioid drug fentanyl, often mixed together. The report said that the number of fatal overdoses involving fentanyl rose significantly from 121 in 2014 to 420 in 2015.

The Lexington Herald Leader reported in June 2016 that Kentucky’s drug overdose deaths went to a record high in 2015. The number went up to 1,248 people dying from fatal drug overdoses, which often involved fentanyl.

The whole region of Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and West Virginia has been part of an epidemic of drug overdoses involving opioids such as heroin and/or prescription opioid drugs. An August 2016 report in Business Insider reported a string of overdoses throughout these states in a short period of time over the summer.

Of course, overdoses are not the only problem affecting a region when drugs are in the picture. Drugs in an area can bring violence, theft, addiction and a variety of other problems to individuals, families and the community as a whole. The Northern Kentucky Tribune gave an example of drugs in Florence, KY in a report from September 2016. The report showed that two people were arrested for having over a pound of methamphetamine worth close to $50,000 and some heroin on Interstate 75 in Florence.

The Kentucky Drug Control Update of 2013 from the Executive Office of the President of the United States showed some trends in Kentucky. For example, it noted that meth lab seizures went up 296 percent from 2008 to 2011. Also, it showed that Kentucky’s 2009 death rate from drugs was far above the national average.

About Lumiere’s Rehabs In Ohio

Our substance abuse drug rehab in Florence can help people in the whole region who are dealing with drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, which are now included in the term substance use disorder.

We split our 58-bed facility in West Chester, Ohio between our detox program and our inpatient drug rehab program. Our facility is ready to help if you struggle with alcohol, marijuana, crack or powder cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs or other addictive substances.

We can provide detox services to help you safely withdraw from the drug(s). For this process, we use medical observation to ensure that you’re safe and comfortable during a dangerous and/or difficult withdrawal period.

We are able to provide medication to minimize safety hazards such as seizures and to ease the discomfort of various symptoms. We also provide groups and an alumni program within the detox part of our facility, which is rare for detox programs.

It’s important to follow detox with a rehab program. The rehab component of our facility is ahead of many other drug rehab in Florence. We are a full-service facility that provides intensive inpatient treatment with a variety of treatment methods in a residential setting. We provide a top-of-the-line experience with cutting-edge monitoring equipment, a caring and experienced team that represents different medical specialties and a superior environment that promotes healing.

Our grounds overlook a body of water, a golf course and other natural sites. On the inside, we have made our facility empowering, relaxing and luxurious. You’ll be in the right place to facilitate your personal growth journey of overcoming addiction and learning to live in a new way.

At Lumiere, we are able to provide our patients with a comprehensive treatment plan that includes a variety of approaches while also catering to their personal needs and preferences. You can gain the benefits of numerous treatment types in our one facility.

We follow 12-step principles and provide proven individual therapy techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, education and peer support groups, and family therapy to help the needs of the whole family unit. Our different therapies address different aspects of the addiction and provide a range of solutions.

In addition, our team offers medication to help you manage ongoing withdrawal symptoms and other concerns that are affecting your recovery. We can help you with a co-occurring mental disorder through psychological support. We also offer social opportunities, nutrition and other components of treatment.

In the beginning, we perform a complete assessment to get an idea of what you need within your treatment. Then, we can change the plan as needed. Your input helps us meet your preferences and needs, while our medical team also provides their expertise of what treatment could best benefit your situation.

It is generally beneficial to transition from a detox program to a rehab program. You are able to accomplish this transition and obtain both forms of treatment by staying at our one facility if you choose to. This way, you can feel comfortable with the staff and setting for the duration of your treatment.

The time spend in our Florence rehab lasts 30 to 90 days depending on your individual needs. During that time, we provide a combination of approaches that educate you on addiction and your own journey to addiction, as well as teach you how to break free of the addiction and live in a healthier way.

Even though one to three months may seem like a long period of time, it takes time to undo the damage addiction has done to your brain and body and to change the way you think about life and the way you behave.

In general, we find that this length of time is not even enough time for people to completely recover. It gives them the basis for recovery and then they need to continue with what they have learned once they go back to their normal life and are faced with temptation and triggers.

Because of the challenges of sticking with recovery and avoiding relapse, our team provides an aftercare program to follow up with you and make sure you’re continuing to do okay with recovery. We think of this as a lifeline that keeps you connected. If you need additional help, we can get you back into treatment. Otherwise, we offer encouragement and facilitate social support to keep you committed to your new life.

A major benefit of inpatient treatment is that it helps you leave your normal life, with all its temptations and triggers, behind so you can focus all of your attention on your recovery. You won’t have to deal with someone offering you a drug, seeing people and places that make you want to use drugs, and everyday stresses and responsibilities that encourage you to turn to substances.

You’ll start fresh in a different-from-normal atmosphere that will help you recover. You’ll leave our facility stronger and more able to handle everyday life when you go back to it. You’ll be armed with tips and techniques for avoiding certain aspects of your old life and incorporating new ways of living.

Contact Us to Get Started or Learn More About our Florence Rehab

If you’re struggling with an addiction or are the loved one of someone who is, our staff at Lumiere is happy to answer questions you may have and to give you more information about our facility.

Over the phone, we can even provide guidance and help in practical aspects of entering treatment, such as how to pay for it and how to manage treatment around other responsibilities.

Please feel free to read the many resources we have added to our website that help you learn more about addiction and treatment, including specific information about our facility’s treatment and procedures.

Use our website as a resource and when you want more information or are ready to enter our program, contact us. Our staff is ready for whenever you need us.