Alcoholism is a disease that affects millions of Americans and their families, and many of us either know someone who suffers from it or has heard about it. Some use alcohol to boost your self-confidence or to help in uncomfortable social situations, or other stressful situations, however, this alcohol can become dangerous when you’ve had too much.  Everything in moderation is okay, but when alcohol addiction sneaks up on you and takes you by surprise, you can find yourself caught in a never-ending cycle of substance abuse. 

When this happens it can take a bit of time to realize that it is an addiction you are dealing with and that you need to seek help. The best choice you can make for yourself is to find a trusted and drug and alcohol recovery center that can help you. At Lumiere Healing Centers, we help with alcohol addiction using medically supervised addiction treatment, and other outpatient options to ease your pain and withdrawal symptoms.

Our Treatment Center Has What You Need

Depending on the amount of time you’ve been drinking and the amount you drink, withdrawal symptoms can vary, the therapy and help you need will vary, and much more. At Lumiere Healing Centers, we offer you unconditional help and support to help you during this time. We create plans that are specifically tailored to help you get through addiction and on the path to sobriety. In addition to medically supervised treatment options to help facilitate the withdrawal process, we also offer inpatient alcohol rehab options that feature:

  • Music Therapy
  • Equine Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Stress Management
  • Conflict Resolution Steps

We also offer outpatient options for those that want to maintain a sense of normalcy and maintain daily routines. Outpatient program options feature the same therapy and resources listed above and the program is built specifically for your lifestyle.

Get the Help You Need Today!

Alcohol addiction does not have to ruin your life and you don’t have to figure it out on your own. If you or someone you know is debating on seeing a treatment specialist about improving their life and kicking their addiction for good, we’re here to help! 

Addiction is challenging and the road to recovery is not an easy one, but with a team of caring and compassionate people on your side, your chances for recovery are that much higher! 

At Lumiere Healing Centers, we can help you beat your addiction and reclaim your health, happiness, and future. We have a staff of professional experts which provides best alcohol rehab services in Ohio and Cincinnati. Whether you are addicted to alcohol, painkillers, heroin, cocaine, or other substances, Lumiere Healing Centers can help you get sober and stay sober. Call us today at (513) 909-2225 to get the help you need. All calls are confidential, and we are here 24/7 for you.

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