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Drugs cause a variety of problems to the people who use them and the communities where they are present. They bring overdoses, addiction, drug trafficking and other problems. Hamilton, Ohio and the surrounding region is one of the places that has been greatly affected by drugs and addiction. Yet this area also offers Hamilton rehab centers to help people recover from drugs and decrease problems associated with drugs within the wider community.

At Lumiere Healing Centers in nearby West Chester, Ohio, we provide quality Hamilton rehab services to help people move their lives away from addiction and overdose.

When Hamilton Rehab Is Necessary

When alcohol or a drug takes over your life, your body and mind are dependent on it. Through use of large amounts and/or ongoing use of addictive substances, you can get caught up in abuse and addiction, which are now within the classification of substance use disorder.

This disorder has many signs and symptoms that greatly affect your life and the lives of those around you. If you have substance use disorder, you would show at least some of these signs and symptoms, which include needing more of the substance to feel the same way from it, having cravings for the substance, making the substance a higher priority than other parts of your life, losing control over your use of the substance and showing symptoms of withdrawal when you stop using.

You could become addicted to many different substances. Some are legal, such as alcohol or prescription drugs, yet they can cause just as many problems in your life as illegal drugs. You could also become addicted to cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and various other illegal street drugs. Often, people use and abuse more than one type of substance at once, which creates a more severe and complex addiction. You could also have a co-occurring mental disorder that is complicating matters.

Hamilton, Ohio addiction treatment can provide help for an addiction to any kind of drug or combination of drugs. Addiction treatment professionals can also help with co-occurring mental disorders when they are contributing to the addiction. Lumiere Healing Centers in West Chester offers some of the top treatment available in the area.

Alcohol and Drug Problems in Hamilton, Ohio

Different parts of Ohio have had high levels of drug overdoses and other problems with drugs in recent years, and Hamilton hasn’t been excluded from this concern. Indiana-based news channel WANE pointed out in August 2016 that the whole region of the United States that includes Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia were all facing surges of overdoses from heroin around the same time.

Cincinnati, which is close to Hamilton, was the source of a huge spike in a very short period of time due to heroin laced with potent opioid drugs. WCPO Cincinnati reported that the heroin overdose rate in August 2016 in Cincinnati was 174 in six days.

A February 2015 report by local news channel WLWT5 said that drug overdose deaths went higher than natural deaths in Butler County, where Hamilton is located, for the first time, according to the coroner. The county had 137 deaths from drug overdose compared to 136 from natural causes in the year. Of the drug-related deaths, 103 of them involved heroin.

Butler County was one of the Ohio counties with the highest numbers of unintentional overdose deaths connected to fentanyl in the 2015 Ohio Drug Overdose Data report from the Ohio Department of Health. It had 104.

According to the same report, Butler County had 697 unintentional drug overdose deaths from 2010 to 2015. This number is much lower than the counties with Ohio’s major cities, which all had over 1,000. Yet it is much higher than many other parts of Ohio. Also, Butler County is within the Cincinnati Metro Area, and Cincinnati’s Hamilton County had the third highest amount with 1,214.

Beyond overdose, the Hamilton area has experienced other problems with drugs. In 2013, local news station WLWT5 reported that police had raids in the area that resulted in the seizure of over $1 million worth of synthetic drugs, drug paraphernalia and over $200,000 in cash. The raids happened after police were tipped that people were coming to Hamilton from other parts of Ohio and other states to get synthetic drugs. Police were attempting to control the synthetic drug trade.

These are just some of the drug-related problems that have happened in Hamilton and the surrounding area. Many people in Hamilton and the whole Cincinnati Metro Area need help to overcome an addiction and to stop using drugs before having an overdose. Hamilton substance abuse rehab can help.

Quality Detox and Substance Abuse Rehab in Hamilton

Hamilton residents, as well as those in the rest of Ohio and nearby Kentucky and Indiana, have hope for problems with drugs. Even though there are a lot of drugs available in the state and prevalent overdoses and addictions, there is also treatment available.

Treatment can be effective for overcoming the grips of an addiction. Treatment can help whether it’s your first time trying treatment, it hasn’t worked for you in the past or you’ve had previous success but have relapsed. Maybe there’s something holding you back from entering treatment. It’s very common for people to need treatment but not enter a program for help.

But a Hamilton rehab program can be very beneficial for providing the guidance and support you need to overcome an addiction. Dependence on an addictive substance creates changes to the brain, affecting thoughts, behaviors and other aspects of your life. Treatment can help you take back control of your brain through medication, therapies and other methods that support the healing of your brain and body.

Trained therapists can guide you in letting go of the thoughts and patterns that keep you addicted and teach you ways to live more healthily. They provide guidance in getting past triggers and managing stress and problems so you don’t turn to drugs as a solution. They can help you figure out what led you to the path of drugs and guide you in figuring out a new story for your life.

At Lumiere in West Chester, Ohio, we provide the highest quality detox and rehab services. We provide a detox program that gives observation and medication to ensure your safety and comfort while the drugs leave your system and you go through tough withdrawal symptoms. With certain substances, such as alcohol and benzodiazepines, medical detox is particularly recommended because these detoxes are sometimes deadly. Nonetheless, detox provides support to ease the process of withdrawal from other drugs as well.

Lumiere’s detox program goes above and beyond other Hamilton rehab centers because we offer certain services that are generally not included with a detox program. We provide groups during detox that start exploring your addiction and methods of overcoming it. You usually don’t start with groups until after the detox process in rehab, but we find that it’s beneficial to get used to the group dynamic in detox and to begin the psychological process of change. Then, you have an easier transition into a rehab component of treatment. In addition, we provide a detox alumni program you won’t find anywhere else.

As for rehab services, our Cincinnati area facility offers a full-service inpatient program that follows the 12-step focus. It incorporates scientifically-backed therapies to ensure you’re getting the best treatment available. Also, we offer medication when it can help, although we don’t force it if it’s not your preference.

Our Hamilton area inpatient drug rehab program offers different forms of therapy. We provide access to individual therapy with popular, proven techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing. We also offer group and family therapies to facilitate your recovery and the healing of your family unit.

Our staff provides an assessment to create an individualized treatment plan for you. We work to provide the best care to help you in your personal journey, focusing on your unique situation, risk factors, drug of choice and other factors. We always plan to adjust your treatment along the way as needed to continue to provide you with the best care possible for your own needs and preferences.

The Lumiere Experience

Lumiere offers top-notch treatment by a qualified team of doctors, nurses, therapists and other staff. We provide proven treatments in a modern facility that includes cutting-edge equipment for monitoring.

On top of providing expertise, our staff cares about your outcome in our program and believes that recovery is possible for you. We work to help you make the progress you’re looking for, and we follow up with you through our aftercare program to ensure you stick on the path of your hopes and goals.

Our facility is located in West Chester, Ohio, just outside of Hamilton and Cincinnati. We provide service to residents of Ohio and other states in this region of the country. If you live in a different part of the nation, we welcome you to come and stay in our inpatient facility for the duration of your treatment program.

Lumiere is set on a beautiful site with natural views and a golf course creating a restorative experience. And the interior and bedrooms are designed to be just as relaxing and encouraging. You’ll find the peace and comfort you need while you work on healing and learning to change your lifestyle.

Through our Hamilton, Ohio addiction treatment model, you gain full-service treatment to cover the many facets of an addiction. You are also able to remove yourself from your normal life and its responsibilities, stresses and triggers. You’ll even get away from the actual drug to make it easier for you to move forward with your life.

At Lumiere, we support all of you as an individual. We focus on physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social and practical aspects of addiction that are affecting you and your life. We want to help you recover in every way, getting past every obstacle, so you can truly find a way out of your addiction.

You have the option to stick with us from our detox program to our rehab program. This option allows you to stay in one facility during your entire treatment process, with the same supportive staff to guide you and the same setting as your backdrop.

Learn More About Hamilton, Ohio Addiction Treatment

Our admissions staff are happy to answer your questions about Lumiere’s treatment program with no obligation to enter our facility. We can even help you figure out if you or your loved one is the right fit for our program or if another one would better fit your needs. If you have any questions at all about how our program works, how to pay for it or other concerns, don’t hesitate to ask.

We believe that everyone should have access to the treatment they need for an addiction. We accept most healthcare plans for the treatment services we offer. If you don’t have insurance or your insurance plan won’t cover the entire cost, we’re happy to talk to you about options.

Do you want to learn more about Hamilton rehab centers? Rehabs in Ohio could help you and your family? Or are you ready to enter treatment or find a treatment program for a family member? Contact us at Lumiere today to get more information or to get started with the admissions process.

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Dozens treated as heroin overdose spikes hit Indiana, other states