Entering a drug rehabilitation center may be nerve-wracking and intimidating at first. But, it’s always a beneficial experience, and in more ways than one. You may have decided to find a rehab center to check into with the impression you are going to get sober and get the tool you need to help you maintain sobriety. However, you get so much more out of rehab than just that. Addiction is a complicated disease that affects everyone differently. To effectively beat it and put it in the past, you need to learn more about it and how you got where you are today. And that’s exactly what drug rehab in Ohio helps with. Here at Lumiere Healing Centers, it’s not only you don’t only get help with sobriety but also you also get to learn more about addiction and yourself.


  • Addiction Education

One of the most underrated parts of rehab is the education aspect. Addiction affects everyone in different ways and ranges in severity. What led you to where you are today may not have been what led someone else to their addiction. But the more you learn about it and understand it, the more likely you can pinpoint your situation. Before you started using substances, you may not have even known what they would do to you. Or maybe you had an idea but didn’t think it could end up the way it did. With the help of rehab, you can learn how drugs affect the human body and mind. This in-depth education can help you see how drugs changed you and how they kept you addicted. Once you have a better understanding of the impact of drugs, you can better help yourself and maybe even others!


  • Counseling and Therapy

Therapy is useful for everyone, regardless of how comfortable, stable, and confident they feel with life. There’s something about venting to an unbiased person that can relieve stress and frustrating emotions. When it comes to addiction, therapy is extremely beneficial. Sometimes addiction can stem from mental health problems, childhood trauma, and other underlying issues that we’ve yet to address. With the help of counseling and therapy, these issues can be discussed and worked out. You may not have even known something was bothering you, but now you have the freedom to express everything and get down to the root of it. If something underlying contributed to the addiction, it will be a lot harder to rebuild and maintain with it going unresolved. But with therapy, you are hitting reset and setting up a solid foundation for the future.  


  • Establishes a Safe Space

If you have recently decided to enter rehab, chances are that you did some research before or spoke with a loved one. You may have discovered that some people tackle addiction alone and attempt to detox without medical help. Doing this is not the best thing to do and can be dangerous. Rehab is a safe space to get sober and many would probably agree that it is the safest place to get sober and make sure you stay sober. Here at Lumiere Healing Center, we offer medically supervised treatment options to make sure your therapy and treatment aren’t negatively impacting your health. You also have around the clock care during inpatient rehab, ensuring you are always physically, mentally, and emotionally cared for. 


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Entering drug rehab in Ohio can be scary, and you may even have some hesitations, but you can get so much out of it. Achieving and maintaining sobriety isn’t just about avoiding drugs. It’s also about rebuilding habits and changing your thought processes towards drugs. With the help of rehab, you can become more educated on drug addiction, undergo counseling and therapy, have a safe haven, and most importantly, live a life free of drugs. To get more information on our inpatient rehab program, reach out to our staff at (513) 901-4738.

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