Struggling with alcohol addiction or watching a loved one struggle with alcohol addiction is hard. It can change someone’s life for the worse. Whether you are a functioning or non-functioning alcoholic, you need to seek assistance with recovery. The best thing to do is to go through alcohol detox in Ohio. However, you or the person struggling with addiction is going to need to decide for themselves. Here at Lumiere Healing Centers, we have all the information you need on alcohol detox in Ohio to help make the decision a little easier. From what to expect to what causes it, keep reading to learn more.


What is Alcoholism?

First things first, alcoholism is when someone is addicted to alcohol and cannot function without it. They crave it day in and day out. While some alcoholics are functioning, many lose everything to the disease. The disease usually starts with people enjoying alcohol for fun or using it to relax. But, over time, you begin to use it more and more. And maybe one day, it starts to become a need every day or you realize your mood is different without it. When this happens, your body’s central nervous system has become dependent on alcohol. Without alcohol, your body and brain have a much more difficult time staying awake. You also have a harder time functioning as a whole, which is when the withdrawal symptoms start with the substance.


What is Alcohol Detox?

Alcohol detox is when you cut off alcohol as a substance cold turkey. It’s often referred to as withdrawal; however, the two are very different. Withdrawal is where people detox by themselves. This method works for some but does not work for many. The reason is that the withdrawal symptoms are intense and painful. For alcohol, they usually range from sweating, vomiting, nausea, insomnia to anxiety. Although, some people have more severe symptoms such as hallucinations and seizures. That is why it’s better to be under the attention of a medical professional. Going through withdrawal alone also is one of the reasons many people go back to alcohol. The symptoms are so intense that many cannot go through them without the help of medications. That is what makes detox different. A medical professional will help you through it and ease as many symptoms as possible. You will have a better experience and have a better mindset about achieving sobriety.


How Long is Alcohol Detox in Ohio?

Alcohol detox takes a different amount of time for everyone. Some people are in and out of detox in a few days, while others may need weeks. It all depends on how long you have been drinking, your medical history, if you used anything else with alcohol, and your physical health. 


What Comes After Detox?

After you detox from alcohol, you or your loved one is likely going to get started in the alcohol rehab program. Here at Lumiere Healing Center, we will get started on the sobriety journey after detox. You will speak with a doctor about your journey and what to expect. Everyone’s process is going to be different, meaning it’s unique to every individual situation. Although rehab is usually filled with many similar components for most, your treatment and journey will be specific to you!


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Living with alcohol addiction isn’t easy. There are a lot of ways it can make life more difficult. From losing your job or getting kicked out of school to spending tons of money on the addiction. Addiction makes life that much more difficult. To get started on your or your loved one’s sobriety journey, reach out to the Lumiere Healing Centers team today. We have a staff of professional experts which provides best alcohol rehab services in Ohio and Cincinnati. Contact us by phone at (513) 847-3573. No matter how long you have been struggling with alcohol abuse and addiction, we know we can help you lead a sober life.

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