Everyone knows that the first step to addiction treatment is admitting that there’s a problem. For some, this realization comes sooner rather than later. For others, they only recognize the need for therapy after all other outlets have failed them. None the less, if you’re considering signing up for addiction treatment, you’re not alone. Here at Lumiere Healing Centers, we have all the information you need on alcohol rehab to help make the decision a little easier.


Millions of Americans have suffered from alcoholism and drug addiction and are finally seeking the help they need. If you’re wondering whether or not you or someone near you may struggle with alcohol addiction, we’re sharing five signs that indicate it’s time to consider addiction treatment in Ohio sooner than later!


Withdrawal Symptoms

Many addicts try to cut out drugs and alcohol on their own, only to find that they have a hard time with the withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms refer to the shakes, cold chills, and sweats that can come when trying to deprive your body of the substance you’ve been using for so long. After excessive usage and abuse of any substance, your body becomes dependent on these substances over time, and without them, the body panics as it looks for more of the substance. 


Daily Usage (In & Out of Social Settings)

A telltale sign of addiction is when your recreational drinking and drug usage skyrockets to using those substances on your own and without the “recreation”. If you’re seeking out alcohol and drugs by yourself, even in the middle of the week, for no apparent reason, except “to have a drink” it’s a good indicator that it may be time to check into rehab. 


Hiding the Evidence 

Have you ever heard that there’s nothing to be ashamed of if there’s nothing to hide? If you’re constantly hiding your drug addiction or alcohol addiction from friends and family, you already know that what you’re doing is raising questions and concerns. If you find yourself or someone you love hiding their belongings or going out of their way to hide their usage of any substance this may be a sign of addiction or an addiction forming. 


Recurring Financial Troubles 

If you find that most of your finances are going towards indulging in a particular substance, it’s time to seek a solution. Not only does this addiction put you in a vulnerable situation, but it also steals your future from you. If you’ve noticed yourself spending more than your usual on drugs or alcohol, this is a clear indication that your usage is increasing and you need to seek help!



When people drink often or do the same drug often, their bodies build up what experts call a tolerance. The problem with building a tolerance is that your threshold of feeling the high increases, meaning that you need more to feel its effects. This increases your likelihood of addiction, as it also increases your chances of overdosing. If your tolerance is steadily increasing for any substance this is a sign that you are teaching your body to get used to and need this substance. 


Get the Help You Need!

At Lumiere Healing Centers, we work to provide long-term healing outcomes. Addiction can seem difficult to get out of, and it is, but that doesn’t make it impossible. If you have the willpower to change your life, you can kick addiction to the curb. We treat multiple types of addiction including alcoholism, heroin, opiates, cocaine, benzos, pain pills, suboxone, meth, and codeine. Our ultimate goal is to give you a safe and comfortable environment to heal in, with comprehensive and person-centered focuses. Take your life back today. At Lumiere Healing Centers, we’re here to help. We have a staff of professional experts which provides best alcohol rehab services in Ohio and Cincinnati. Contact our team today at 513-847-3573. 

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