Heroin Addiction Detox

Recovering from heroin addiction is incredibly difficult, even with the assistance of a comprehensive heroin rehab treatment program. The first major challenge is taking action to get help. But even once you have overcome that challenge, the process doesn’t become easy. One of the main reasons that heroin addiction is so difficult to overcome is because a large percentage of addicts never get past the first stage of treatment: heroin addiction detox.

Detox Challenges

Studies reveal that medical detox is one of the main stages during which recovering addicts leave heroin treatment programs. Reasons for leaving vary, but most of the reasons come down to poor procedures by the treatment program. Out-of-date or poorly implemented procedures can actually make the withdrawal process more harrowing (both physically and mentally) than it would be normally.

During medical detox, patients are at risk of suffering from any and all normal withdrawal symptoms, including system shock that can potentially result in a risk of death. If the detox is implemented the wrong way, withdrawal symptoms can be more acute and those risks can actually increase. When these withdrawal symptoms include muscle spasms, cold sweats, bone ache, fever, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, it is understandable why an increase in the severity of these symptoms can result in people leaving the program.

The Safe Approach to Detox

Safe detox requires a personalized approach and round-the-clock support by knowledgeable medical professionals. Patients must be weaned off heroin at a pace that is consistent with both their physical health and their mental state.

The best detox programs customize care to the patient, rather than using a one-plan-fits-all approach. This type of approach is made through careful assessment of the patient and years of experience in the field.

Once a personalized plan is devised, medical detoxification can begin. As the heroin residue leaves the system of the patient, medical professionals proactively provide treatment for the most likely withdrawal symptoms. That combined with 24 hour medical supervision allows the treatment program to minimize both withdrawal effects and health risks from the detox procedure.

Medically Supervised Detox at Lumiere

Safe and effective detox is a top priority at Lumiere Healing Centers. Studies show that even if detox is completed, if it was done poorly, patients have a much higher chance of relapse. Giving you the best possible chance for completing the program and staying clean for the rest of your life is the reason that we work so hard to provide top quality detox.

The first step to top quality heroin detox is our state-of-the-art Joint Commission Gold Seal Accredited facility. We use modern, medically proven techniques backed by the latest medical equipment. Our medical professionals remain current with medical advances in the field and regularly attend classes and seminars to keep their education up-to-date. By investing in the quality of our facility and the quality of our medical professionals, we are able to provide a treatment program that is always on the cutting edge of the field.

However, excellent equipment and knowledge of modern medical procedures only work if you are actually receiving that care. That is why a commitment to patient care is also a key component of our heroin detoxification program. Your treatment is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by licensed medical and clinical professionals. if you should experience any type of distress, mental or physical, from trivial to extreme, a skilled professional is immediately available to provide relief and support.

Dangerous to Go It Alone

Part of the reason that we have put together such a high quality heroin detox program is because we know how dangerous it is to try to detoxify without support.

If you are like most people, detoxing without a comprehensive treatment program would require going cold turkey. Like most opiates, heroin creates both physical dependency and mental dependency. Going cold turkey would put a massive strain on the bodily functions necessary for survival. Even if you are in excellent health, this could result in life-threatening effects. At the same time you would also suffer extreme mental strain that exacerbates the physical problems.

Even if you can wean yourself off in some way, you simply don’t have the ability to self-monitor 24 hours a day. You need to sleep at a minimum and likely need to engage in other activities that divert your attention. Even during a medically controlled detox, a crisis can begin at just about any time. If you aren’t prepared for that crisis, you could face life-threatening physical consequences or life altering social consequences.

Lumiere Healing Centers has a detox program that maximizes protection against those threats. Even if you should leave our treatment program immediately after detox, we know that you will be safer and healthier and more likely to succeed just for having completed our medically assisted Heroin detox program.

After Heroin Detox

Completing Heroin detox isn’t the end of our treatment program. In fact, it is just the beginning. Once you have completed the first stage, Lumiere will help you move beyond heroin forever. Continuing with our personalized program, you will receive education, therapy, and other types of rehabilitation that will help you change your lifestyle so that you can refrain from heroin for the rest of your life.

Call today for information about Heroin detox and addiction today – 855-598-3048.



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