Heroin Treatment

Heroin Treatment

Lumiere Healing Centers licensed, award-winning and trusted addiction treatment center is the absolute best option for you or a loved one struggling with addiction, but many of our patients and their families have questions about the process. It can be a scary time when you realize you or a loved one has a problem with addiction, and you’ll look just about anywhere for answers.

At Lumiere, we provide a robust and positive healing environment for all addicts, starting inpatient detox. Once the patient is clean and cared for, our post detox process is the best way for you or your loved one to gradually re-enter society with all the community support they need to live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.

Here are some questions you may have about Lumiere’s proven post-detox process, and its many positive outcomes.

What are the Outcomes of the Post-Detox Program?

When addicts are done with Lumiere’s inpatient detox program, they are cured of their illness, but not from the reasons why their condition affected their life so profoundly and negatively. There are two major discoveries that patients must make before they start exposing themselves to the pressures of normal life:

  • Identifying Potential Triggers
  • Exploring Their Reasons for Using Heroin in the First Place

In order to successfully re-enter society in a healthy way, the residents of Lumiere’s detox and post-detox programs have to be able to understand their addiction and the factors that cause it. Part of this identifying triggers that may cause them to start using again when they are released from Lumiere’s around-the-clock care.

Triggers may be social activities, exposure to certain people or job related pressures, but one thing is certain: for an addict, triggers have to be avoided in order to ensure the continuity of a healthy life outside our healing facilities.

It also a crucial experience for Lumiere’s patients to fully understand why they started their cycle of use and abuse in the first place. Family or occupational stress, social pressure and other influences can cause a person turn to drugs and alcohol, and the solution is often simply to provide the person with a supportive environment so that they have another outlet for their anxieties beyond these vices.

Of course, these are the outcomes of Lumiere’s well-known and trusted process, but you may still have questions about how we accomplish these crucial goals for your loved ones, and all of the residents that enter our facilities seeking Heroin treatment.

How Does Our Post Detox Process Work?

When you or your loved one enters our facility, our heroin detox process begins with a medical evaluation, entry into support groups and counseling, and medical detox and stabilization. Upon discharge from Lumiere’s proven detox process, however, the process isn’t over. Here is how we ease our residents back into daily life with the help of a supportive environment that is conducive to their continued health inside and out of our healing centers.

Residential Heroin Treatment

A typical resident stays in our facilities for a 30 day period, the first 5-7 of which are part of the initial medical detox stage. Addicts are followed closely, given prepared healthy meals and carry out a very closely controlled lifestyle until the care professionals in Lumiere’s healing network feel that the resident has a physical and psychological foundation to become a productive member of society once again.

Partial Hospitalization

The next phase involves a partial discharge from our facilities. Patients still meet with Lumiere’s expert addiction counselors as well as various support groups and don’t lose contact with the positive network that they build during their stay with us, but begin to gradually regain the independence they had before they joined Lumiere’s detox program.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and Outpatient Care (OP)

The IOP phase involves patients working with the recovery team at Lumiere to build the foundation for long term health and recovery. While medical detox and initial evaluation ensures that our residents are physically recovered in the short term, the IOP phase ensures that they have access to 12-step programs, counseling in groups or individually and they are exploring the triggers to avoid and reasons they started using drugs or alcohol in the first place, so that they can understand themselves in the scope of their addiction.

Finally, the standard outpatient program involves staying in contact with recovery programs, even after it appears that the resident is back to their pre-addiction life. Heroin relapses occur when addicts have no point of contact with their recovery and Lumiere stresses that no resident should ever hit a low point alone. Alumni of our heroin treatment program are encouraged to stay active in support groups, both inside our facilities and with outside sources like Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

How Do We Individualize Care for Each Resident’s Experience?

At Lumiere, we take special care to avoid homogenizing our residents. While other inpatient recovery and rehab facilities may have a standard process of medical detox followed by the same amount of recovery time for every resident, we understand that while heroin affects communities in the same tragic ways all over the globe, not all addicts are the same.

People have different triggers, different backgrounds and ultimately, different demons that have produced their addiction. In order for a long-term heroin addict to build a foundation for a healthy, drug-free life, both our recovery experts and the addicts themselves have to understand their own chemistry, and how to avoid the sources of a relapse.

As a result, two addicts may have different amounts of time that their stay spans as a resident, or longer outpatient treatments. The recovery experts at Lumiere’s nationally-renowned facilities believe that there is no recipe for constructive recovery

How Does Lumiere Ensure a Completely Productive Post Detox Environment?

Many Heroin treatment and detox facilities release their residents as soon as they deem the detox programs to be complete. This leads to higher probabilities for relapse events and recurrences due to a lack of delicacy with which they attempt to re-integrate their patients back into society.

We produce an environment free of the distractions of every day life, accomplished by providing meals prepared by an acclaimed chef, laundry and housekeeping services and more amenities that allow residents to focus on nothing but their journey towards sobriety and personal health.

If you or a loved one is experiencing heroin use and abuse, you need professional help. Lumiere’s detox and healing centers are focused around the best care in the industry, and a proven step-by-step detox process that maps out the journey towards recovery and makes sobriety more attainable and less daunting.

If you or a loved one have questions about the Heroin treatment process, contact one of our specialists today 513-909-2225 for our rehabs in Ohio.