Drug and alcohol addiction is a non-discriminatory disease that affects the psychology and physiology of the individual. While there are a variety of pathways for overcoming addiction, receiving formalized addiction treatment and addiction therapy at an accredited Ohio treatment center has often led many to reach long-term abstinence. Here’s why.

Why Ohio Addiction Therapy Works

To achieve sustained recovery, and help the addict overcome their need to use their drug of choice, a formalized therapy program is recommended as the most successful first step in overcoming addiction. There are several stages in this process, all of which are tailored to the individual’s needs to help them not only address their addiction problem, but to also provide therapeutic services to correct social, behavioral and psychological issues that may have triggered their addiction.

The best Ohio addiction treatment centers offer the following behavioral therapies, which align with the recommendations from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Institutes of Health:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Seeks to help patients recognize, avoid, and cope with the situations in which they are most likely to abuse drugs or alcohol
  • Motivational Incentives: Uses positive reinforcement such as providing rewards or privileges for remaining drug and alcohol free, for participating in counseling sessions, or for taking treatment medications as prescribed
  • Motivational Interviewing: Uses strategies to encourage rapid and self-driven behavior change to stop drug or alcohol use and help a patient enter treatment
  • Group Therapy: Helps patients face their drug or alcohol abuse realistically, come to terms with its harmful consequences, and boost their motivation to stay sober. Patients learn how to resolve their emotional and personal problems without abusing drugs or alcohol

*Taken from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Institutes of Health.

Admitting Into An Ohio Addiction Therapy Program

Most clinicians recommend that anyone looking to enter into a structured rehabilitation program in Ohio do so for a minimum of 3 months. Most facilities offer a variety of options in order to receive the benefits of comprehensive addiction therapy as well as meet their physical and economic needs. At Lumiere Treatment Centers of Ohio, we proudly offer services to those with medical coverage, including Medicaid, and to those with the means to support their treatment and continuum of care on their own. We support ongoing scholarship opportunities when available.

For many people suffering from addiction in Ohio, there are circumstances that prevent them from leaving the state for treatment. This may be due to family needs, work requirements or even insurance coverage limitations. That’s why it’s so important to perform extensive research on available facilities for addiction treatment in Ohio, vetting their ability to meet the needs of the addict. The next step is discovering which level of care will provide for the best possible long-term outcome.

Residential Addiction Treatment in Ohio

Residential Treatment consists of a step-down approach, where the individual experiences 3-6 weeks of an inpatient stay, receiving 24/7 supervision and care, followed by several weeks of an extended or partial outpatient structure, where they continue to receive group-based therapy and individualized attention from their therapist and clinical team. This approach allows the individual to stabilize in a safe environment, concentrate on their program of recovery, and socialize with others who are also early in recovery. During this time, self-help groups are also introduced as a way to integrate the individual into a sustained community of supporters and like-minded individuals so that a basis of community in the Ohio area can be forged for long-term sobriety.

Things To Consider When Choosing an Ohio Addiction Treatment Center:

  • Location
  • Therapy Options
  • Vocational Services
  • Legal Assistance
  • Size
  • Amenities

Outpatient Addiction Treatment In Ohio

If you’re not able to commit to a full-day of therapy programming, outpatient alcohol rehab programs in Ohio offer a flexible approach. Outpatient care provides clients more freedom, allowing them to maintain commitments they may have with a job, schooling, family, or to other outside support systems. Clients are able to return home at the end of the day, allowing not only a greater level of privacy but also a greater level of personal responsibility. This model is recommended for persons with less-severe addictions, or major responsibilities that limit their ability to leave for extended periods of time. This approach is also helpful to those already in recovery who feel they are sliding back into patterns that my lead toward future relapse.

Achieving Recovery In Ohio

Sustained recovery happens when the individual is most ready to utilize the principles that they have learned during the recovery process. It is often the foundation that is built in a formal addiction treatment program, and the tools gained, that help the individual eventually achieve long-term sobriety. Reach to our ohio alcohol rehab center where helps you to recover from alcohol addiction and also provides aftercare recommendations. For information about the services offered at Lumiere Healing Centers of Ohio, please call 513-909-2225

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