Inpatient Drug Rehab in Springfield

Inpatient Drug Rehab in Springfield

If you or someone you love has been struggling with an addiction and its associated problems for a long time or even a short time, it’s possible to break free. The path of addiction is a destructive one that only gets worse in time.

Maybe you’ve already been on this downward spiral for a while and are facing varied problems associated with addiction. Addiction can leave you with health problems and can even shorten your life from an overdose or a health condition.

It can create alcoholic dementia and organ damage, create temporary or permanent damage to relationships, cause you to give up on hopes, goals, responsibilities and priorities you once had to make drug use your top priority.

But an inpatient drug rehab in Springfield can help you have a more fulfilling life that includes more than just drugs. It can help you heal physically, mentally and in other ways. You can start again and figure out how you want to live your life.

At Lumiere Healing Centers, we provide a premium inpatient drug rehab in Springfield, Ohio residents as well as those throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and the rest of the country. We believe that you can recover and we give you the tools, guidance and caring support to do so.

Positive and Effective Inpatient Drug Rehab in Springfield

Lumiere Healing Centers provides both a detox program to support you through the initial withdrawal phase and an inpatient drug rehab in Springfield to address underlying causes and factors involved with addiction. Our inpatient drug rehab in Springfield also offers methods and tools for building a life that doesn’t rely on substances.

Our West Chester, Ohio facility is only about an hour drive from Springfield. That puts you far enough away so you’ll be away from the people and places that encourage you to use drugs, yet close enough for our treatment program to be convenient for you.

At Lumiere, we take a caring and understanding approach backed by a belief that you truly can recover. We want to see you do that, so we’ll do everything we can to help you make this important change in your life. We offer a qualified team who works together for your treatment, a variety of approaches within a personalized treatment plan and cutting edge medical equipment. We provide caring support on top of superior medical treatment. Our facility offers many services that go above and beyond other Springfield drug rehab centers, such as our supportive alumni program that helps you stay on track after you leave our facility.

At our facility, you’ll have the backdrop of a lake and a golf course, along with a modern indoor atmosphere and cozy, luxurious rooms. Our 58-bed unit provides care through the entire treatment and recovery process.

Drug Problems That Springfield Drug Rehab Centers Can Help

Various parts of Ohio and the surrounding region have shown problems with drug use and abuse, most namely an epidemic of people dying from laced heroin overdoses but also addiction struggles and associated problems.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed Ohio as one of the top five states in the nation with the highest overdose death rates in its most recent data from 2014. Ohio’s increase of overdose deaths from the year before was also significant. Springfield is one of the cities in Ohio contributing to the state-wide overdose and addiction problem.

Springfield is located near Dayton, Ohio, which both a local news Fox45 September 2016 report and a Dayton Daily News May 2016 report said was at the top of the list in the country for certain drug problems. Fox45 said it topped the list for heroin-related overdoses, while Dayton Daily News said it was considered the top of the “most drugged out cities in America,” which was a ranking associated with numerous drug problems.

Springfield sits within Clark County, Ohio. In the Clark County Community Health Assessment of September 2013, a significant number of residents reported using alcohol, tobacco and marijuana. These are all drugs that can lead to problems.

In the 2015 Ohio Drug Overdose Data from the Ohio Department of Health, this county was included with the list of counties having the highest numbers within Ohio of unintentional overdose deaths involving the strong opioid fentanyl. It came in seventh with 48 fatal overdoses. The total number of unintentional fatal overdoses – not just fentanyl-related ones – for the county from 2010 to 2015 was 226.

The county and state have had overdose problems for a while. A Springfield News-Sun reportfrom April 2014 showed how Clark County had 36 deaths associated with heroin in 2012, with 100 throughout the Miami Valley. The report noted that 680 Ohio state residents died from overdoses involving heroin in 2012, which was 60 percent higher than the year before. It explained that the state’s fatal overdose deaths went up 366 percent from 2000 to 2012.

The report also pointed out how people in the area who were supporting an addiction led to other community problems, including theft to pay for the drug. Another issue is that many of the addicted people had children, creating family problems.

When the state made it tougher to get prescription opioid pills in 2012, the fatal overdoses involving those drugs went down, but this didn’t solve the problem. Instead, people adapted and turned to heroin. These heroin-related fatal overdoses surged just as the prescription drug overdose deaths were going down.

These are some examples of how drugs have affected the area of Springfield and Ohio as a whole. Drugs have an impact on individual, family, community and society levels.

Springfield Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment can help solve many of the drug problems Springfield faces. When more people are able to break free of an addiction, this change can lessen the demand for drugs in the area and lessen many of the individual, family and community problems that result from an addiction.

There are many types of Springfield drug rehab centers, programs, groups and professional offices you can visit to treat an addiction. Treatment options include peer support groups, 12-step meetings, inpatient or outpatient care, one-on-one counseling, group and family counseling, medication and various other treatment approaches. You could also try sober living residences. Overall, there are different approaches and treatment settings available to you.

Effective treatment is about finding what works for you. The path probably won’t be the same for two people. You need treatment that fits the type of drug(s) you have been using and whether you have a co-occurring mental disorder. You need a program to focus on your personal preferences, offer you an environment that helps you thrive and provide different treatment methods that fit your particular situation.

Ultimately, it helps many people to use a combination of approaches when battling this difficult health condition that affects all aspects of your life. Many people transition from one type of treatment to another – for instance, they start in an intensive program such as inpatient care or an intensive outpatient program. Then, they transition to a less intensive outpatient program and then to other forms of treatment. Sometimes you need to go to different programs and professionals to receive different forms of treatment, whereas other treatment facilities offer many approaches in the same place.

Detox can help you get past those initial withdrawal symptoms that tend to come on when you first quit using the drug. Nonetheless, the detox process is only the first step. Then, you need other forms of treatment to help with the mental, emotional, family and other aspects of the addiction.

Top-Level Inpatient Drug Rehab in Springfield Through Lumiere

Lumiere Healing Centers in West Chester, Ohio offers an inpatient treatment model. This is an intensive treatment program that includes many different types of treatment within one program. Instead of needing to go to different places, you can stay with us through your treatment journey.

You can start with our detox program, which offers the caring support of our staff, medication to ease symptoms and medical observation to make sure you stay safe. Our detox program has the distinction of offering groups and an alumni program.

It is recommended that you continue with rehab after detox, since a detox program does not address all aspects of addiction but instead focuses on the withdrawal process. At Lumiere, you can seamlessly transition from our detox program to our inpatient rehab program.

(Nonetheless, we’re happy to welcome you to our rehab program from a different detox program or to see you transition into a different rehab program after our detox program so that your treatment fits your individual needs.)

Our Lumiere drug and alcohol rehab near Springfield provides intensive inpatient treatment. With inpatient care, you are able to put all your attention into getting past an addiction instead of trying to battle the addiction while continuing with responsibilities, stresses and triggers of your daily life. Inpatient care gives you a relaxing environment away from home to help you rejuvenate and change your life.

Through our intensive treatment, we provide a variety of treatment approaches to ensure we meet all of your needs. We also tailor our treatment approach to each person to fit your unique situation and help you find your own way to recovery.

Our treatment program includes cognitive behavioral therapy and other types of proven individual therapy. We also offer supportive group therapy with your peers and family therapy to help your family learn to live together in a healthier way. We also provide medication when needed to support your body and mind as you get past drug use.

Our program includes educational sessions to teach you about living differently and social activities that show you ways to enjoy yourself without drugs. We also provide relapse prevention and an aftercare program to support you in continuing with the path of sobriety once you commit yourself to it.

When you begin your treatment at our facility, our experienced staff comes up with a custom plan for you. We can then adjust the plan as needed to make sure you’re progressing well and the program is working for you.

You’ll receive all of this care through our team of trained and experienced professionals. We staff doctors, nurses, social workers, therapists and other qualified medical professionals. We also have a team of support staff who help with practical aspects of treatment, such as payments, and who strive to make your stay as enjoyable as possible through delicious, healthy meals, a clean and beautiful environment and other amenities.

Our multi-faceted treatment approach can help you heal and recover from all of the changes addiction has made to your brain and body. You can create a healthier life that is more fulfilling instead of focusing your life on drugs and drug use.

What’s Next? Contact Lumiere Healing Centers

Our Lumiere detox and rehab treatment facility is always here when you or your loved one is ready to work on an addiction and try to move forward. If you’re ready to enter a treatment program or you’re thinking about it but would like to know more, our support staff is ready to help.

We’re here to provide more information about addiction treatment and our program in particular, and to answer your questions. We can provide an assessment over the phone to determine whether you’re a good fit for our program or if we would suggest a different option for you. We care about finding you the right fit that will truly help you cross that bridge to an addiction-free life.

Want to know about how our treatment program could be tailored to fit your specific needs, how to pay for treatment or answers to other important questions? We’re only a phone call away. Our admissions staff is also ready if you decide to take the next step and enter our detox or rehab program.

Our facility provides premium addiction treatment to Springfield and the surrounding areas. Whenever you’re ready for more information or to be admitted to our program, we’re ready to help. Contact us any time at 513-909-2225.