Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at Lumiere Healing Centers

At Lumiere Healing Centers, we understand that the path to recovery is unique for every individual. That’s why we offer a comprehensive continuum of care that adapts to your specific needs, providing the support and treatment necessary for your journey to lasting recovery. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a vital component of our holistic approach to healing, designed to provide intensive outpatient rehab and empower you with the tools and resources you need to thrive.

Flexible Scheduling for Your Convenience

Recognizing the importance of flexibility in the recovery process, our IOP program is thoughtfully designed to accommodate your schedule. We offer IOP sessions in the morning, evening, and even virtually, ensuring that treatment can fit into your daily life without disruptions. This flexibility allows you to prioritize your recovery while maintaining your commitments to work, school, and family.

Tailored Treatment Plans

At Lumiere Healing Centers, we believe that effective treatment is not one-size-fits-all. That’s why our IOP program is individualized to meet your unique needs. Your personalized treatment plan may include a combination of alumni support, family therapy, one-on-one counseling, and case management services, all tailored to address your specific challenges and goals.

Comprehensive Care Every Step of the Way

We are committed to guiding you through every phase of your recovery journey. From the moment you enter our care, whether for detox, residential treatment, partial hospitalization, or intensive outpatient rehab treatment programming, we follow you closely to ensure continuity and consistency in your care.

Our comprehensive approach includes:

Family Engagement

Involving your loved ones in the healing process can be instrumental in your recovery. We encourage family participation and provide resources to strengthen the support system around you.

Alumni Support

Our alumni network offers ongoing support and connection with individuals who have walked a similar path. Sharing experiences and insights can be empowering as you navigate the challenges of recovery.

Individual Counseling Sessions

Our licensed therapists provide one-on-one counseling to address your specific needs, helping you build essential coping skills and gain valuable insights.

Case Management

Our dedicated case managers work with you to coordinate your treatment plan and ensure that you receive the comprehensive care you deserve.

Therapeutic Groups

Our dedicated case managers work with you to coordinate your treatment plan and ensure that you receive the comprehensive care you deserve.

Experiential Groups

Participating in therapeutic groups allows you to connect with peers who share similar experiences. These sessions provide a supportive environment for sharing, learning, and growing together.

Nursing Care

Our experienced nursing staff is here to provide medical support and ensure your safety and well-being throughout your treatment.

Your Recovery, Your Way

During the intensive outpatient rehab programming and outpatient phases, we offer various session times and virtual options to ensure that your evolving needs are met. We understand that your recovery journey is a personal one, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

At Lumiere Healing Centers, our commitment to your well-being extends beyond treatment; it encompasses your long-term success and happiness. If you or a loved one is ready to take the first step toward lasting recovery, we invite you to explore our intensive outpatient rehab program Cincinnati and discover the Lumiere difference. Together, we can illuminate the path to a brighter future.

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