Those suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction face challenges in coming to grips with it. They don’t always understand how it is affecting not only them but their family, friends, and community. The problem is that their addiction threatens the strength of these bonds leading to a downward spiral of adverse outcomes.Outpatient rehab in Ohio with the help of a team like what we have here at Lumiere Healing Center treats their addiction and does so in a responsible way.

Here are several facts about outpatient rehab and how it can help you or your loved ones beat their addiction.

Outpatient Treatment is for Everyone

A widespread misconception is that outpatient treatment is for the wealthy, affluent, and those with special connections. These people often cite how the treatment is expensive and addiction cannot be overcome so easily. Many feel that the best approach is to check into an inpatient facility to get the attention and support they deserve.

The reality is that outpatient rehab is just as effective as inpatient care and it can produce measurable results in beating the addiction. A study by theDepartment of Health and Human Services found that outpatient care is successful in decreasing drug and alcohol addiction.

It found that those who are in these programs learn new ways of coping, have better support, and change their environment. The costs are 75% cheaper, most insurance programs cover it, and the person learns how to adapt. Not only the wealthy and affluent go to these programs, but it is for people from all walks of life. They are open and have like-minded individuals suffering from addiction learning to overcome it together.

Keep your Job

Outpatient treatment is flexible and works around your schedules, such as on the weekends or evenings. This makes it so you can still pay your bills and get the treatment you need to help with your drug or alcohol addiction.


Most people think of detoxification as some long process where you have to check into an inpatient facility and go through pain while involuntarily locked or strapped down. Detoxification can be a challenging experience, but it is not what these perceptions are compared to reality, and it’s not what tv and movies make it out to be.

It is necessary before starting any treatment program and requires working with others to help you. They don’t have to solely be trained care professional monitoring you 24 hours a day. Sometimes, it occurs as an outpatient with staff offering medication to decrease the cravings, checking in a few times a week, and monitoring your vital signs.

Helps Build & Maintain Healthy Relationships

In any outpatient treatment (, the family plays an essential role in overcoming addiction. They are usually the ones who push and encourage treatment. During treatment, therapy sessions work to show the challenges you are facing as a family, how to address them, and how to move on. One of the goals behind this is to build a foundation of support, learning to deal with possible triggers and resources in preventing addiction.

We Can Help!

These facts aboutoutpatient rehab in Ohio are only a few of the benefits that those suffering from addiction receive when they seek help at Lumiere Healing Centers. Our alcohol rehab program offer a structured program that includes counseling, life skills training, and peer support, which can help individuals build a foundation for long-term recovery. If you or someone you know is dealing with addiction and ready to kick their habit, then reach out to us today! We have a staff of professional experts which provides best alcohol rehab services in Cincinnati and Ohio. You can give us a call at 513-854-2197.

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