Once you have decided that you want to enter rehabilitation, you now have to make one more decision. Are you going to do outpatient rehab in Ohio or inpatient rehab? Both options are great and will provide you with the help you need. However, one option may be a better fit for your lifestyle. If you have never heard of or considered outpatient rehab before, you may not know enough about it. Many people assume they have to live in a facility, but that’s not always the case. Regardless of what you decide on, here at Lumiere Healing Center, we offer inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab in Ohio. Our team is ultimately here to help you in whatever way we can.


What Is Outpatient Rehab?

Outpatient rehab is a less restrictive version of inpatient rehab. When you go with outpatient treatment, you can retain some of your freedoms and usual lifestyle. With inpatient rehab, the emphasis is placed on living at the facility, having around the clock care, and a more controlled environment. With outpatient, you are still getting this treatment and the same resources, but you are free to live your life how you want and live where you want. One reason many go with the inpatient style is to avoid temptation. However, you may not have any issues with temptation and negative influences. Or, your addiction may be very mild.


What are the Benefits of Outpatient Rehab?

There are many benefits to both outpatient rehab in Ohio and inpatient rehab. However, outpatient rehab gives people the ability to have a somewhat normal life and routine. When you decide to live in a facility, your life is at the facility. You won’t see your loved ones as often and will rebuild your life in the facilities community. Some people thrive in this set-up, finding it to be the setting they need. But others prefer to lean more on loved ones during this time. In an outpatient setting, you go to treatment, therapy, and counseling every day, but you get to leave and come home after. Outpatient rehab also allows you to give your time to other things such as work, friends, family, and any hobbies you may have. Your focus may be on getting better, but you can also give some attention to other aspects of life. Another perk of this method is how affordable it is. Since you are living at home, you don’t have the added cost of paying for lodging at an inpatient facility.


Who Should Consider Outpatient Rehab?

Outpatient rehabilitation isn’t for everyone, but neither is inpatient rehab. If you have a busy schedule or need extra flexibility, then outpatient may be a better option for you. You can pick what type of treatment plan is best for you and plan your day around it. With inpatient, your day is at the facility with more limited options of how you can spend it. Outpatient is also a better choice for those who are taking a leave of absence from work or school. You may be concerned that you can’t leave for that long or at all. With outpatient rehab, you can carry on with your usual responsibilities. You may not be able to do everything to the same extent as before, but some normalcy is there. Another thing to consider is the severity of your addiction. If you are strong-willed to get clean and stay clean, outpatient will work for you. For those who are questioning how they would handle outpatient therapy and rehab, there is nothing wrong with starting in inpatient and moving to outpatient later on. Remember, this is about you getting sober and staying sober. How you get there doesn’t matter, there’s no shame in being vulnerable.


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The idea of checking into rehab may be scary; however, you don’t need to live in a facility or dedicate all of your time to recovery. There are other options out there for you, such as outpatient rehab in Ohio. To learn more about what makes outpatient rehab so great, check out the Lumiere Healing Centers website. Or, to get started on your sobriety journey, reach out to our staff at (513) 901-4738.

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