It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a time of camaraderie, family, food, warmth, and laughter. Everyone is hanging lights and wrapping gifts. People are busy shopping and finalizing their vacation plans. It’s the season of togetherness, giving, and cheer. It’s the most wonderful time of year unless you’re an addict. 

Then, it’s hell.

I can remember my active addiction vividly and I hope I never forget it. I remember when Christmas used to loom around the corner like a court date. No one in your family is excited to spend time with you. If Santa were real, you’d be lucky to get coal. Your seedy haunts and hiding places are closing up shop to be with their loved ones. Even your drug dealer stops answering your calls. 

It’s the most depressing time of the year. 

If you’re feeling this way, I want you to know that you’re not alone. If all the carols and blinking lights are intense reminders of what’s missing from your life, where you’ve gone wrong, I know how you feel. It seems like you’re no good to anyone, no one cares, and everyone would just be better off without you, but that’s not true. That’s your disease whispering in your ear. 

There is a solution

You have a way out. I know that phone can weigh 1,000 pounds and it all seems so pointless, but there is help. So many people just like you have been where you are and made it out. Some of those merry carolers that you see smiling on the street and in the stores have spent many holidays in jails and other institutions. Some of them weren’t able to be there for their kids. They lied to their family and stole from their friends. They hated waking up and being who they were. I know I did. 

Then, they asked for help. They picked up that heavy phone and dialed the number. They checked themselves into the treatment program that is alcohol rehab program they knew it would help. Often, it’s the third, fourth, or fifth time they tried it. Only this time it did work. They haven’t drunk alcohol or used drugs since and now they’re walking past you on the street, laughing, and you feel so different from them, so far away. 

You’re no different. You are them a year ago and there is hope for you, too. All you have to do is walk the path that so many before you have tread. You can change your whole life with one phone call. What an amazing gift that would be for you to give. What if you could give your mother her child back for Christmas? Imagine if you could give your kids their parent.

It’s not too late, there is hope. It might sound cliché or corny, but I pray it sounds simple and direct. It’s the truth that I’ve found . The holidays were always such a miserable, lonely time for me. Since I found help from alcohol rehab center in Cincinnati and got sober, they’ve been a blessing. I want that for you. Happy holidays, from one addict to another. 

Good luck. 

Lumiere Healing Centers in West Chester, Ohio has a caring, experienced, and compassionate staff that will work closely with you to create a path to a healthier life free of addiction.

Call 513-714-3400 or contact us here to get started! You can reach me personally at 859-446-2220 for help. 

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Chris Rudd is an Outreach Specialist at Lumiere Healing Centers and has been clean and sober since March 15th, 2012. He can be reached for questions and admissions at 859-446-2220. You can email him at [email protected]. We do recover.

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