Medical detox is a standard part of the sobriety process, however, many people often hear about its use only when it comes to narcotics. Luckily, patients who come to Lumiere Healing Centers for alcohol addiction recovery also benefit from undergoing a medical alcohol rehab in Ohio

During this step, the patient will have around-the-clock medical attention and have the opportunity to press reset. 

Not only does detoxing help encourage new beginnings and a new path for patients, but it’s the safest way to remove substances from the system.

If you or a loved one is looking to enter rehabilitation for alcohol addiction, Lumiere Healing Centers can help. We offer different types of rehabilitation programs, with options for everyone. Additionally, each type includes medical alcohol detox in Ohio. 

Every detox process is unique to the patient, but it’s always the best way to begin rehab. To learn more about detox and rehabilitation, keep reading.

What is Medical Detoxing?

The detox process is where a patient who is beginning rehabilitation detoxes all of the substances from their system. They do this under medical attention and in Lumiere Healing Centers. 

The primary goal of detoxing is to aid the addict in recovery and rid the body of addictive substances. 

We do this by removing any trace of the alcohol from their body. While the person struggling with addiction will still have cravings and triggers, removing the substance from the body reduces this and allows us to give them medicine that helps with cravings. 

Many patients who are entering rehabilitation for the first time are nervous about this step; however, it’s not as bad as people think. Also, detox is handled by medical professionals who keep the patient comfortable throughout the entire detox.

Why Should Patients Undergo Medical Detox?

When removing alcohol from their system, patients should always undergo medical detox. Not only does medical detox safely remove alcohol from the system, but it can prevent intense withdrawal symptoms. 

Some people attempt to quit alcohol cold-turkey; however, doing so is incredibly dangerous. 

There are instances where withdrawal symptoms are life-threatening, such as arrhythmias, which do not allow the heart to beat at a regular rhythm. Some people also have seizures. 

Most of the withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable and painful, such as anxiety, tremors, irritability, sweating, and nausea. However, with medical alcohol detox in Ohio, you or your loved one does not need to experience the symptoms in this manner. 

Medical professionals will monitor the patient and provide medication for any withdrawal symptoms making sure the process is as comfortable as possible.

What Are the Benefits of Medical Detox for Alcohol Addiction?

There are many benefits to undergoing medical detox for alcohol addiction. Some of these are avoiding withdrawal symptoms and having a fresh start. But, most of all, medical detox has a higher success rate than detoxing at home. 

When the withdrawal symptoms occur, many people go ahead and succumb to their cravings. Not always because they cannot ignore the cravings, but because the symptoms are unbearable and painful. 

With these withdrawal symptoms being kept at bay in a medical setting, it’s easier to commit to recovery and continue treatment. Those in our addiction reatment centers do not have to succumb to alcohol cravings to avoid unwanted symptoms. 

Another challenge that alcohol addicts experience when their at-home withdrawal attempt fails is guilt. They might wonder why they tried to detox in the first place. Or they may feel helpless and ultimately dive deeper into addiction. 

With the failure looming in their mind, they might decide to give up on the idea of sobriety. At a medical and rehab center like Lumiere Healing Centers, the success rate is much higher.

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