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For years, the MDMA-based drug Molly has been the most widely used “club” drug. The Molly trend gained notable steam in the early 2000’s when Ecstacy, another MDAM-based club drug, garnered the bad reputation of being a “dirty” drug. Today, many casual drug users consider Molly to be a safer, “purer” alternative since it supposedly does not contain other, unknown chemicals. However, Molly may not be as pure as most casual drug users may boast. In fact, the US Drug Enforcement Administration reports that the drug contains much more than MDMA. Most cuts of Molly today contain toxic mixtures of lab-created chemicals. So, chasing a Molly high is no safer than taking Ecstacy. Lumiere Healing Centers recognizes the danger in club drug use; there’s no definitive way to know for sure just what it is you are getting.

What Exactly is Molly?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this common question. Initially, “Molly” became the nickname for pure MDMA when Ecstacy became a “dirty” drug. However, that is not the case today. In fact, the DEA recently disclosed that, of all the drugs seized from New York state over the course of four years, only a measly 13% of Molly actually contained MDMA. Now, MDMA is still an ingredient in most cuts of Molly. Still, the drug usually also contains other chemicals and even other drugs— like its predecessor, Ecstacy.

Some of the most common substances mixed into cuts of Molly include:

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These and other lab-created chemicals mimic the effects of MDMA and affect the central nervous system. As such, they elicit the same euphoric highs as MDMA. However, they also bring about high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, sweating, and other similar symptoms. These, of course, are mild side effects. The real danger is that any unregulated mixtures of the compounds listed above can cause a number of serious medical consequences— and even death.

What Makes the Drug So Dangerous?

It’s simple: the mix of unknown chemicals makes Molly very dangerous. The formulas for all the synthetic drugs that go into Molly keep changing. Moreover, the labs that create “designer” and “club” drugs do so with little to no regard for how the combination of chemicals may affect users. So far, the DEA has reported several Molly-related deaths connected by the drug’s packaging, which suggests the same lab of origin. And yet, investigations unveiled that the cause of each death were various combinations of totally different ingredients in each cut of same-brand Molly. So, not only are the chemicals unregulated, but dealers sell capsules and powders of Molly that contain any number of other substances.

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Which Age Group is “Dancing with Molly”?

Molly use, experimentation, addiction, and death is a problem that has spread to almost every state in America. However, the allure of the Molly high has also spread to New Zealand, Australia, and Europe as well. As the most popular club drug right now, Molly— or whatever batches of drugs are labeled as such— is widely available at EDM (Electronic Dance Music) festivals. And, for the most part, teenaged and young adult first-time drug users seem to be the most affected. Most people now believe that Molly drug dealers are taking advantage of “rave culture” to target and sell their drugs to young, impressionable individuals who are just looking to experiment.

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If you have any additional questions about symptoms of Molly use, contact Lumiere Healing Centers today at 513-909-2225. Some signs to look out for in a possible user include lockjaw, psychosis, profuse sweating, and bizarre behavior.

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