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Lumiere offers an excellent, client-focused outpatient drug and alcohol rehab program that provides many of the same benefits as our residential treatment program and is the ideal choice for many of our clients. Outpatient rehab at Lumiere Healing Centers is the right fit for you if you’re struggling with substance abuse, but don’t have the time or resources to do residential treatment. We offer two different options for our clients who need counseling and support during recovery, but don’t have the ability to live at the facility: standard outpatient rehab or intensive outpatient rehab; also known as partial hospitalization.


Our outpatient program allows you to continue working or going to school while you recover from alcohol or drug addiction. Because you maintain normal activities, no one has to know you’re in rehab. Individuals with young children or other family responsibilities can also benefit from an outpatient program that allows them to stay at home during recovery. In some cases, outpatient treatment services are used as a continuation of inpatient rehab. You continue to see the same counselors on an outpatient basis after checking out of the rehab facility or transition to a support group to help you maintain your sobriety.

Lumiere Outpatient Rehab will help you build skills to support a long-lasting recovery. The approach to this individual outpatient therapy is the same as inpatient: we will help you explore the roots of your addiction and addictive behaviors while teaching you skills and techniques to break-free from addiction. If you are looking for support and guidance during recovery, but may not be able to dedicate time to a live-in residential treatment, allow one of our professional intake specialists help you determine if this is the right course of treatment for you. Lumiere can personalize your treatment to fit your lifestyle and needs.


Also known as Partial-Hospitalization (PHP), this is a more intensive approach than our standard outpatient treatment program. It involves attending treatment all day and returning home overnight, as compared to standard outpatient rehab’s few hours of therapy a few days a week. Intensive outpatient rehab has been proven to be effective as both a primary treatment approach and as a step down from traditional inpatient treatment. PHP treatment can be a great choice for individuals with a safe and supportive home network who need more than a few hours of individual therapy a week to overcome addiction, substance abuse disorder, depression or anxiety. It is also a great fit for people who have gone through medically assisted detox or inpatient rehab and are ready to start challenging themselves in regular life situations

Program Structure

Intensive outpatient rehab provides the ongoing structure and support you need while letting you return to some normal activities. Knowing you will return to the program the next day often gives you strength and a positive outlook as you begin slowly interacting with other people and dealing with triggers and stressors. At Lumiere Healing Centers, our partial hospitalization treatment lets you combine intense group and individual therapy during the day with the comfort of sleeping in your own bed at night. You’ll attend an all-day program that includes options for counseling, family therapy, experimental therapy, recreational and social activities and psycho-educational groups. Our fully licensed staff works with you to develop a custom treatment plan that meets your individual needs and helps you work toward your recovery goals.


  • Identify root causes and triggers for drug use through individual and group therapy
  • Take responsibility for your actions and understand what you can and can’t control about your addiction
  • Learn healthy coping mechanisms to deal with drug cravings or feelings of anxiety or depression in the future
  • Create a viable aftercare plan so you can continue stepping down rehab and return to regular life with the proper support system
  • Work with your family to support you during partial hospitalization treatment

Lumiere is committed to providing different levels of Ohio outpatient rehab, so that your treatment fits your lifestyle needs. We bring the same compassion and support to our outpatient care that we bring to our inpatient residents. Whether outpatient or inpatient, being part of Lumiere means being part of our family, and you should expect the same high level of care and dedication to your sobriety.

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Addiction is a condition that must be treated with care, dignity, and respect. We believe that it takes a staff of caring and professional experts to deliver the kind of treatment that our clients deserve. When you come to us for help, we want you to feel a warm welcome the moment you walk through the front door of our Ohio drug rehab.

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