Opiate Treatment

Opiate Addiction Treatment

Addiction never entirely goes away. Even after years or decades, your body chemistry, and more importantly, your mind, is slightly altered such that you continue to crave the drug you were once addicted to. This is particularly true for opiates.

However, while that craving may always be present, it doesn’t mean you have to give in to it. With proper opiate treatment from a comprehensive treatment program, you can learn to live a lifestyle that avoids that temptation, assisted by coping techniques and a support network that can step in during the more challenging moments. Between consistent effort on your part and a top quality treatment program, every passing year should be a little easier than the last.

In-House Opiate Addiction Treatment at Lumiere Healing Centers

If you have reached this stage of opiate treatment it means that you have both taken the difficult first step of enrolling in treatment and you have successfully completed detox. These are both non-trivial endeavors that deserve praise and your success with these steps of the process greatly increases the likelihood that you will continue to enjoy success in fighting opiate addiction. While relapse occurs in a majority of opiate addicts who undergo treatment, the percentage that relapse after reaching this point in the process is significantly lower.

Just as the detox stage of opiate treatment was personalized to your specific needs, so is the remainder of the opiate treatment you will receive at Lumiere Healing Centers. Every patient faces their own specific challenges. To help you combat those challenges in the most effective way possible, you will be paired with a primary therapist who will develop for you a customized treatment plan.

Our therapists have a plethora of resources available to them in this fully appointed modern facility, including state-of-the-art medical equipment, a variety of stress-free comfortable settings, supplies for leisure activities, and more. This wealth of resources allows your primary therapist to create a program that uniquely stimulates your interests while simultaneously minimizing the likelihood of you quitting the program or relapsing.

Common Forms of Treatment

While every patient is different, there are a few types of treatment that are used with varying degrees of frequency for most patients. These primary treatment options are:

  • Individual Therapy – This is usually the core of your treatment at Lumiere Healing Centers. This is where you primary therapist works with you to understand the root cause of your addiction and to determine what types of triggers are most likely to cause you to return to addiction in the future. These sessions take place in an intimate and comfortable setting where you are encouraged to share freely, knowing that anything you say will remain private between you and your therapist. Depending on your exact situation, individual therapy may occasionally occur between you and another therapist who can provide specific support for a challenge they specialize in.
  • Group Therapy – The purpose of group therapy is to allow you to learn from and find inspiration in the stories of individuals who are facing similar challenges to you. Studies show that addicts are better able to face their own difficulties when exposed to others who are struggling in the same way or after hearing success stories from those who are farther along in the treatment. Even sharing stories of past failures can be helpful because they can provide insight into approaches towards recovery that don’t work.
  • Education and Counseling – Even a little bit of education can go a long way when it comes to recovering from addiction. During your treatment we will help you fully understand the nature of your addiction, both physically and mentally, and the variety of consequences that come with addiction. We will provide you with both statistics and medical facts, so that you have a comprehensive knowledge of the topic. Once you fully understand your addiction, we will teach you coping techniques and give you information about support networks that will help you avoid future relapse. Your in-depth knowledge makes applying these resources and techniques much easier because you better understand what is triggering your urges.
  • Family Therapy – One of the strongest support networks you can have to avoid relapse is the support of family. Our family therapy is designed to teach your loved ones the best ways to provide non-invasive and effective support for your addiction. The wrong type of support can actually increase the likelihood that you will relapse, which is why we fully educate family members on the most effective and successful support techniques. And while it is called family therapy, we also welcome any of your loved ones to join these sessions as well.
  • Life Skills Therapy – Fighting opiate addiction is literally life altering. As part of your therapy, you will learn brand new life skills that you will apply every day for the rest of your life. This therapy includes occupational therapy, discovering and engaging in new activities and hobbies, learning new social norms, and learning how to remove negative influences from your life. Effectively, you are learning how to proactively avoid triggers and future crises by altering the way you live your life. At a bare minimum this will help make you more confident and most likely you will alter your entire lifestyle in a highly valuable way.

After Discharge

Lumiere Healing Centers run a comprehensive opiate treatment program. This means that your treatment does not end just because you have been discharged from the program. First, and foremost, we expect you to apply the techniques that you learned during your stay in our program for the rest of your life.

Furthermore, Lumiere Healing Centers are one support resource that will always be available to you. Friends and family may not always be able to respond when you face a crisis, either because they simply aren’t available or because time and circumstances have cause them to leave your life. Our facilities, though, are open 24 hours a day. Call us if you face an emergency or feel free just to stop by to update your information on support resources every once in a while. We love seeing the faces of those who have completed our treatment programs.

In fact, we love seeing them so much that we encourage them to take part in our alumni programs. These programs offer a number of benefits to both past patients and current patients. The benefit for you is simple. The alumni program allows us to monitor your progress and your success. Studies show that individuals that engage in a continuing support program like this are significantly less likely to relapse than those who don’t. With Lumiere Healing Centers providing a helping hand, especially during the most challenging times, you are more likely to succeed at beating your addiction.

Furthermore, these alumni programs are an excellent networking tool, both for building a support network for your addiction and for everyday life activities. The simple advantage of talking to others who might engage in the same hobbies or might know about a job offering, without any stigma due to your past addiction, is great for helping you rejoin society more smoothly.

Finally, this alumni program helps current patients by exposing them to individuals that have graduated from the treatment program. While this may not help you directly, many alumni tell us that helping others with their recovery gives them greater motivation to avoid relapse.

Treatment from Lumiere Healing Centers

If you or a loved one is suffering with addiction and needs opiate addiction treatment, Lumiere Healing Centers is here to provide comprehensive opiate treatment with our rehabs in Ohio. Call us at 513-909-2225 to get started. The call is confidential and we are here to help.