Pain Pill Treatment

Pain Pill Addiction Treatment

The hard part is finally over. You were able to come out of detox, and while you may feel a little worse for the wear, you are now ready to focus on your recovery with one goal in mind: the ability to lead a healthy and sober lifestyle without the shadow of addiction constantly looming over your head with pain pill addiction treatment.

At this point, it’s highly likely you feel scared of what the next steps might entail. After all, it isn’t easy to accept that you are addicted to pain medication, even though it might have been initially prescribed for legitimate purposes. Having to admit to your addiction means that you might come off as having a weak personality, and this is not something that many people want to do, especially when it comes to your family, to whom you might think you will seem like a complete failure.

But nothing could be farther than the truth, and while your fear might seem built on a solid foundation, the reality of it all is that your loved ones will recognize a rare gift of strength in your actions. By coming clean and admitting your problem, they will be able to see you as a fighter, a person who refuses to continue down a dark and destructive path, a person who wants to live a healthy and sober life; a life full of love and positivity.

Understanding the How and Why of your Pain Pill Addiction Treatment

During the post-detox phase of your pain pill treatment, you will come to understand why you became addicted to painkillers. As your understanding of the problem grows, you will learn how to recognize what is known as a “trigger”. Triggers are actions or events that make you feel like you need to use the drug you are trying to quit. Triggers can be anything, which is why each patient is treated individually, in a pain pill treatment program that adapts to your unique needs.

The end goal is to leave our facility as a productive member of society, one who is determined to stay on the path to sobriety and who can once again interact with others in the most positive manner. To this effect, the best course of action is to place your trust in a team of professionals that specializes in helping you find and identify the root cause of the problem and is willing to help you understand how you arrived at a point in which you lost control.

We are prepared to help you learn coping techniques and mechanisms that will allow you to deal with those situations that triggered the craving for your drug use, with the added benefit of having a nursing and clinical team available around the clock. We use a holistic approach to treatment, which means we will assist your rehabilitation in the most natural way possible, so you can feel comfortable and empowered to reach your final goal.

How we do it

As an inpatient pain pill addiction treatment facility, we are able to provide a neutral and positive setting in which each patient will be able to face his addiction by focusing on a more positive outlook. By removing the stress factors that led you to addiction, you will be able to learn how to cope with and resolve those which could present a problem later on.

To achieve this, we have designed a program that uses a more holistic approach to recovery, one which will help you develop strong bases for sustained sobriety. This program is supervised by our licensed professionals, and includes both individual and group therapy, counseling and education to help you develop healthy and long lasting coping mechanisms to help you face and defeat the stresses that led you to addiction the first time. This will also help prevent you from falling prey to the temptations that may cause you to relapse.

The Importance of Family

As part of our services we offer family therapy, which will help your loved ones learn the necessary skills to become an effective support system that will help you walk down the path to sobriety, as well as keep you from relapsing in the future.

Your family is important to your recovery for a variety of reasons, mostly because they will be the ones to establish your first line of defense against a relapse and can become the voice of reason when things are looking down once you have returned to society. The best support system is built upon a base of trust and love, and our family program will teach your loved ones how to apply those two resources in the most positive and efficient manner so as to ward off any negativity that could make you want to return to a destructive lifestyle.

Graduation is not the end

Once patients finish their initial pain pill treatment and have returned to their lives, we encourage all of our patients to take part in what we call our alumni program, which is as important as their initial treatment in that they will be able to access life skills groups, social activities and relapse prevention therapy to ensure they can remain sober for the long term.

We offer a wide variety of activities and learning experiences designed to maximize the skills you have already learned, while opening availability to therapists who specialize in helping you reaffirm the confidence you need in order for your treatment to be as effective as possible.

The Lumiere Difference

It has been proven that in order for patients to recover more effectively the stresses of daily living must be removed, but it is also important to provide a calming and neutral environment, free from judgment and surrounded by beauty. Our facility provides a wonderful combination of all these elements.

Discreetly nestled on a private golf course, our state of the art facility offers an environment of privacy and confidentiality that will grant our patients the peace of mind and the beauty they require to aid in their recovery. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us, which means we will never provide any information on our patients to anybody except those family members who have been previously approved by our residents. A taste of paradise can go a long way towards sobriety, and that is why we make sure our patients stay is surrounded by the best installations and most beautiful grounds possible. If you or a loved one are the victims of addiction, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our professional staff will be happy to help you take the first steps down a path that will lead to a healthy and sober life.

If you have any questions about pain pill addiction treatment with Lumiere Healing Centers, please contact us today at 513-909-2225.