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When it comes to accepting common stereotypes surrounding heroin addiction, we probably get much of it wrong. For instance, the homeless hobos living on skid row probably comes to mind, but a suburban soccer mom who injured herself while competing in a 5K is just as likely a victim of pain pill addiction.

From Cincinnati, Ohio to Carlsbad, California, and to all points in between, the face of addiction has changed in America as the high cost of not treating heroin addiction problems are spelled out in daily newspapers across the nation. From lost dreams to shattered lives to traumatized families to accidental overdoses, the cost of continuing on the path of addiction is too high to fail to seek help. We are one of the best detox center providing residential rehab facilities in Ohio. Our luxury inpatient detox and rehab center in Ohio can give you treatments for alcoholism, heroine addiction and abuse, opiate detox, benzo detox, cocaine addiction, pain pill detox, suboxone, codeine detox, meth addiction and many more!

The good news is that here at Lumiere Healing Centers, you do not have to travel the road back to sobriety alone because we are standing by with medically approved pain pill detox programs designed to safely wean the patient through the physical and psychological effects of chemical withdrawal symptoms.

Rising Heroin Epidemic

According to the Atlanta, Georgia based Center for Disease Control, the United States is facing an heroin addiction epidemic, and we help one patient at a time, in a customized treatment setting, one day at a time to ensure optimal treatment outcomes that lead to long term recovery.

Efforts to curb the rampant supply of legally available prescription opiates, like Vicodin and oxycodones for instance, has sent opiate dependent addicts scrambling to find a suitable replacement drug. Heroin fits the bill.

Prescription drugs and illicit opiates like heroin and morphine all act on the brain receptors in the same manner. They seek to mask or alter the pain pathway that the patient is suffering from, and in so doing alleviate their suffering. The unintended consequence however, is the need for the patient to continue the euphoric feeling that taking the opiates generate.

Every patient is different in terms of the path they took to their current situation however, and that is why we structure our medically approved detox program to tailor the perfect treatment solution for each individual patient.

Fine Tuning Your Recovery

Let’s begin by defining some terms. Agonist and antagonist reference how a drug interacts physiologically with the brain. An agonist excites the opioid receptor in the brain that, in turn, opens the brain’s receptors to an opiate’s effects. Heroin is a full opioid agonist that fully activates all the receptors in the brain resulting in an array of mental and physical manifestation that is severe and indicative of the addictiveness of the drug. Buprenorphine, as a partial opioid agonist, mimics these effects, but delivers a vastly diminished dosage that helps ward off the withdrawal symptoms of a stronger opioid.

While an agonist excites and opens the brain’s opioid receptor, an antagonist, such as found in naloxone, firmly shuts those receptors down and blocks the ability of agonists to make a chemical connection with the brain. The tendency of drugs, like Naloxone, to completely shut down the access of opioid to the brain’s receptors makes it dangerous when used alone owing to the triggering of strong withdrawal symptoms that include agitation and irritability, mood swings and insomnia, vomiting and nausea, and muscle cramps along with diarrhea.

With a medically supervised and safely delivered pain pill detox program, we guarantee that your battle against addiction is as successful as possible, so contact us today and let us begin that journey together.

The Importance of Aftercare

Previously, patients who suffered from both substance abuse problems, and mental health issues, first needed to cleanup their addiction problems prior to seeking mental health treatment.

Unfortunately, this approach ignores the often-interlocking relationship that exists between substance abuse and mental health issues. Dual Diagnosis combines the best practices of both mental health treatment and substance abuse healing, so a customized treatment plan can be drawn up for each individual.

We look at the core reasons for your addiction before recommending a suitable treatment options. Towards that end, we practice a Dual Diagnoses treatment to address both the addiction itself, and any mental health issues that might lie behind the destructive behavior. To help you recover and keep you on the path of recovery, we offer the following:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • 12 Step programs
  • Dual Diagnoses treatment

Our pain pill detox help means that you don’t have to stand alone in your fight against addiction, so you should learn about all of your treatment options that are designed to get you out from under your opiate addiction.

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When it is time to make a life change that is truly meaningful, call our staff to schedule an appointment to discuss your specific treatment needs. We will assess your condition and recommend a medically safe program that will help you get past the hurdles of addiction. We offer a state-of-the-art facility to get better in a bucolic setting that features pleasant grounds nestled on a private golf course with captivating views.

If you have any questions about rehab for pain pills, please call Lumiere Healing Centers at 513-909-2225.

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