At Lumiere Healing Center, Our drug treatment centers in Ohio program treats people with drug and/or alcohol addictions. We tailor the treatment to you, taking into consideration your specific biological, social, emotional, and mental needs. We understand that your experience with addiction is unique, which is why we offer a full range of services that provide holistic treatment. Some people may only benefit from one service, some may benefit from 2-3, and some may benefit from them all. We generally recommend our full addiction rehab program as the best choice for a successful sobriety, but one of our intake specialists will help walk you through your options to see what’s best suited for you.

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Addiction Resources

Our goal is to be provide the ultimate addiction resources for patients and their loved ones. For most people, the detox and follow-up treatment process to handle addiction is new and intimidating. Our resources page is designed to present easy-to-read information in a format that is easily accessible for everyone. We try to take the most common questions we get and deliver comprehensive answers everyone can utilize.

Why A Resources Page?

Why did we put this addiction resources page together in the first place? It is our belief that addiction treatment should be available to everyone. If there is one thing that keeps addiction treatment resources out of the hands of the people who need it, it is a lack of good and reliable information. Our resources page is designed to combat that lack of information, and give you and your loved ones the facts associated with addiction treatment so that you can make an informed decision.

Taking The Mystery Out Of The Process

One of the reasons people get intimidated by addiction treatment is because they don’t understand the process. We have spent years developing a unique treatment process that has a very successful track record for patients addicted to a variety of substances. Our resources page opens up the details of our process, and lets you see exactly how the treatment is done.

We believe that not only are we taking the unnecessary mystery out of the treatment process, but we are empowering people who need help to reach out and get the process started. We also want to give the loved ones of people suffering from addiction all of the information they need to feel comfortable with our facility and our professional staff.

Utilize Our FAQ

Many of the questions you or your loved ones have about addiction treatment are among the most frequently asked questions our professional counselors get. Since our goal is to take the mystery out of addiction treatment, we offer the list of our most frequently asked questions and their answers here on our addiction resources page.

We find that misinformation starts when people accept myths as facts. We believe that addiction treatment should be available to anyone who needs it, and that is why we give you real information to respond to the myths. In the world of addiction treatment, misinformation keeps people who need our help away from our facility. We throw open our welcoming arms by debunking those myths and giving you facts you can use.

If you still have questions after utilizing our addiction resources page, we invite you to contact one of our experienced and highly-trained specialists for confidential answers to your questions. We can give you more of the information you need to make an informed decision, or we can work with you to start the admissions process and get you the professional treatment you need to beat your addiction.


    • Alcohol Abuse and Addiction
    • Alcohol: How Much is Too Much?
    • Dangerous Combinations of Drugs and Alcohol
    • Do Young People Who Drink at Parties Have Substance Use Disorder?
    • Trends and Patterns of Alcohol Use and Abuse
    • Alcohol Withdrawal and the Detox Process
    • Treatment for Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Dependence
    • Managing Relapse and Triggers


    • What Are Benzodiazepines?
    • Benzo Abuse and Addiction
    • Trends and Patterns of Benzodiazepine Use and Abuse
    • Dangerous Combinations: Using Benzos With Other Drugs
    • Alternatives to Benzos for Anxiety Disorders and Insomnia
    • Benzodiazepines and Withdrawal
    • Benzo Addiction Treatment


        • How Heroin Is Used and Other Heroin Facts
        • Heroin Addiction and Abuse
        • Today’s Heroin Epidemic in America
        • The History of Heroin Use
        • Combining Heroin Drug Use With Other Substances
        • Heroin Withdrawal Treatment
        • How to Quit Heroin
        • Managing and Minimizing Heroin Addiction Relapse


    • Crack Cocaine and Powder Cocaine Facts
    • Crack Cocaine and Cocaine Addiction
    • Differences in Pricing, Populations and Sentencing Between Powder and Crack Cocaine
    • Dangers of Combining Cocaine Effects With Other Substances
    • Cocaine Withdrawal and Cocaine Detox
    • Cocaine Treatment Options
    • Handling a Cocaine Addiction Relapse

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