Drug recovery is one of the more difficult processes to go through.

People who suffer from substance abuse often lose far too much before they even consider recovery. However, the support of their loved ones and a good treatment program can go a long way to help them recover and live a sober, drug-free life.

To give you a better idea of what you or a loved one will go through, we will explain the stages of drug recovery.

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Stages of Drug Recovery

Here are the main stages of drug recovery. These stages may have different names in different resources. However, the concepts and underlying behaviors of users remain the same.

Awareness (Realization)

This is the first stage of drug recovery, where the user starts to understand that there is a problem and something needs to change. They start to realize their situation, most likely through concerned loved ones or physical, mental, and emotional stress.

During this stage, they are still engaged in active drug use. However, they become aware of the fact that their drug abuse is causing their persistent problems. This awareness is what leads them to acknowledge their situation and that they need to make changes to improve.

Consideration (Contemplation)

The second stage of drug recovery is consideration, and it moves the user away from any denial and towards consideration of possible solutions. It allows them to turn their awareness into physical action for drug recovery.

However, there is a difference between contemplating taking action and actually taking action. 

At this stage, the user becomes introspective and considers the things in their lives that have been affected by their drug abuse. Moreover, they consider how it has affected the lives of those around them.

This is a critical point in drug recovery as it builds up the motivation to seek help. Often users may reach out to others at this point; however, it may be difficult to understand their cry for help. 

Support at this stage can be the best thing that pushes them forward to the next stage.

Exploration (Preparation)

The exploration stage of drug recovery involves the user educating themselves about drug recovery, and this is when they truly start taking action. They explore their options for recovery, and this is the stage where they are most likely to stop using drugs and make the crucial decision of starting a treatment program.

This is a great time to help users explore their options, and if you are in or around Ohio, Lumiere Healing Centers has one of the best drug recovery outcomes in the country. 

Recovery (Action)

The recovery stage is the core of drug recovery because this is where the user takes actions that directly result in changes in their life. They permanently stop their drug abuse, start to learn coping skills if they are in a treatment program, and start building a drug-free life for themselves.

They explore and may discover the root causes of their drug abuse. 

They also have the skills to overcome these causes and any future influences. This stage is the most positive one of the recovery process but, it is also the riskiest one.

Users may not have developed the complete skills required to overcome cravings, emotions, and the pressures of their daily lives.

Users who are not in rehab often relapse at this stage, which is harmful to their chances of successful drug recovery. It not only negates their current efforts but also makes future efforts more difficult, especially for those recovering for the first time because relapse suddenly becomes an option.

Commitment to Sobriety (Maintenance)

This stage of the drug recovery process is where the user commits to and maintains long-term sobriety. They reach a point in their recovery process where they remain sober, they know how to cope with their emotions and the pressures of life, and they are thriving in their drug-free lives.

They fully understand that remaining sober is a life-long effort, and their commitment is well worth making this effort.

Riddance (Termination)

While not exactly a stage of drug recovery, riddance simply implies that the user has reached a point where they are no longer threatened by their addiction. They have completely terminated drugs from their lives and have enough confidence to sustain their sobriety indefinitely.

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Drug recovery in Ohio is a long and difficult process, but it is not an impossible one. These stages give a good measure of what to expect from a person during their recovery and how users can process their recovery.

The support of family, friends, and loved ones is a major driving force for any user. It is a crucial process that all users must go through to achieve life-long sobriety.

If you or a loved one is contemplating drug recovery and treatment in Ohio, we highly recommend Lumiere Healing Centers for the best long-term recovery results.

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