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What Is An Adderall High? The Latest Drug Trend


In 2018, a stimulant epidemic has begun to emerge. According to these drug forecasting experts, stimulant abuse is surging across the country as cheap prescriptions like Adderall and Ritalin are becoming more accessible. So far, many new users are chasing the Adderall high brought on by prescription abuse. Yet, this issue has not been receiving the attention that it should be. In fact, according to John Eadie of the National Emerging Threat Initiative: “No one is paying attention to this. We’re now facing a very significant stimulant epidemic.”   […]

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The Synthetic Marijuana Epidemic


Lumiere Healing Centers Marijuana use has always been a debate among the general population. However, now we are faced with a much greater threat to public health and safety. Synthetic Marijuana, also widely known as K2 or Spice, is an illegal and dangerous drug. It is responsible for hundreds of overdoses; unsuspecting teenagers and homeless individuals fall victim looking for a cheap high for as little as $5 a bag. In some extreme cases, synthetic marijuana overdoses have led to death. The Spread of Synthetic Marijuana Synthetic marijuana has been widely available over-the-counter in head shops and corner stores for years. This [...]

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