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Guided Meditations for Rehab


The practice of guided meditation has become quite popular with the rise of mental health awareness. It is not only soothing, but is also one of the most effective methods of decompressing from daily stresses like work, school, or strained relationships. In recent years, it has also become one of the best holistic coping techniques for those in addiction recovery. In fact, guided meditations for rehab patients are becoming more widely available in treatment facilities across the country. What is Guided Meditation? Guided meditation is a method of deep relaxation that allows you to clear your mind, invite positive vibes, and [...]

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What Is Equine Therapy?


Also known as Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT) or Horse Therapy, Equine Therapy is a treatment that includes equine activities with horses in order to promote emotional growth in persons suffering from abuse issues, behavioral issues, and many other mental health problems. Equine therapy can help a patient build trust, confidence, communication, socializing and much more. It is known that horses have similar behaviors with humans making it easy for patients to create a connection with the horse. Therapeutic riding was first introduced into the United States and Canada in 1960 as a form of recreation as well as therapeutic benefits. In [...]

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