Drug addiction is a significant problem impacting society, families, and the individual who is dealing with the addiction. Too often, there are the traditional beliefs that only select people are right for rehabilitation and the rest don’t need any help. A study found that out of the 27 million people who need to go to treatment, only 2.5 million get it. 

In most cases, the common lies people tell themselves and others keep them from receiving the help they need. The key is learning about the misconceptions people have about Ohio drug alcohol rehab and how it holds them back from a better future. It helps you to realize how addiction treatment can assist over the long-term in dealing with these issues. 

The Person Lives a Normal Life

Most people assume that drug addicts are homeless or someone who is going from place to place with no permanent dwellings. They assume that anyone who has a career, family, house, car, and other material possessions doesn’t fall into this category. Many fail to realize that these people are what are known as functional addicts and they live seemingly regular lives. 

They could be someone who seems to be a self-starter that is excelling at their career goals and in life. Underneath the surface, they exhibit signs of addiction, including changes in behavior, defensiveness about addiction, excuses for it, and other things that seem to be out of character. 

A good example of this is data from a study by the National Institute of Health. It found that 20% of all people with “normal lives” have a drug problem. They are described as functional and do not show the signs of addiction as everyone thinks of on TV or in the movies. The result is addiction can be right in front of you and you might not know it.  These people still need help and they are exhibiting the same signs as anyone who is wrestling with these challenges, just in a different way. 

They are Not an Addict

A frequent claim from addicts is that they can stop using drugs or alcohol when they are ready. These people don’t realize that addiction is a disease that has psychological and physical impacts. They must receive different therapies that are designed to address the root causes of their addiction. The most notable include clinical, mixed therapies, medical assistance, and mind-body practices to create the right balances for them. These groups are necessary for encouraging the person to stick with the change. Those struggling with addiction learn to address the triggers that force them to use drugs or alcohol. 

They Have a Choice

People don’t realize that addiction is not a choice. It usually starts as something casual where the person decides to do drugs or drink excessively. The problem is that after a little while, the substance changes the way their brain functions and makes them dependent on it without them even realizing it. 

Their minds are retrained to shift how they react when using drugs by giving them good feelings. It leads to a lack of control from using these substances, dysfunctional emotions, a need for having it, and the failure to recognize the problem. Rehabilitation deals with these issues and changes how the addict’s brain works and creates adjustments for the better. 

Lumiere Healing Centers Can Help!

There are many lies people tell themselves and others about drug addiction and who needs it. Drug alcohol rehab in cincinnati helps them address the causes of the addiction and understand how it affects everyone from all walks of life. The key is realizing that not all addicts fit into the typical stereotypes and it can be someone you know. 

If you or someone you know may be dealing with addiction or getting close to it, now is the time to contact the addiction experts here at Lumiere Healing Centers. We have years of experience dealing with drug addiction and helping those suffering from it recover. Once you’re ready to get started, feel free to give us a call at 513-854-2197. We cant wait to help you live a more healthy, sober life!

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