Alcohol addiction and abuse is a serious disease that many live with. People do not always know that they have a problem with their alcohol consumption either. Those who suffer from alcohol addiction in Ohio are usually normal, functioning people. They attend work, care for loved ones, and lead seemingly normal lives. But alcohol abuse always catches up to people. It may be manageable and indistinguishable now, but it will not always stay that way.

When it does catch up to people, it usually becomes known in a few common ways. These signs are usually isolation from loved ones, putting drinking above responsibilities, and intense mood swings. These people also tend to feel hungover whenever they are not drinking. Alcohol addiction or dependency can also take a toll on someone in the form of many health issues. When it gets to this point, many people become self-aware they have a problem and need to get help.

Professional Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

At Lumiere Healing Centers, your local alcohol treatment center in Ohio, we offer both inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient rehabilitation. Both programs offer alcohol addiction recovery and can help addicts become sober and lead a sober life. In these programs, we offer a wide range of treatment options. Patients may choose to go with one option or a combination.

When you first enter our alcohol rehab center in Ohio, we may recommend entering detox. This depends entirely on your circumstances and level of addiction. Some people enter rehabilitation not because they are addicted to alcohol, but because they have a dependency on it. 

Detox & Withdrawal

In this scenario, the patient may not need to enter detox. However, for those who have been using alcohol for a while now and are addicted, detoxing is the first step to getting you started on the road to recovery.

When the patient is in detox, all of the alcohol, and any other substances, will be removed from the body. Detoxing is the ultimate fresh start and can act as a reset for your body. 

With the help of our medical professionals, patients will find that withdrawal symptoms, such as hallucinations, seizures, and tremors, are less likely to occur. The medical staff will be nearby to keep an eye on the patient and ensure they are safe the whole time.

When detoxing is finished, counseling and therapy will begin. 

The point of these sessions is to address any mental health concerns that you may have. Sometimes people find themselves addicted to alcohol because they were trying to avoid something or cope with something. With the help of a therapist, the patient can get to the root of the addiction. Then, they can get the tools necessary to cope with these triggers in new and healthy ways.

Other Treatment Options

Along with counseling and therapy sessions, some people may choose to attend group sessions such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and family therapy. Alcoholics anonymous is a great way to work through addiction. Some people may choose to go to a meeting and only listen to others, while some may choose to speak on their experiences. Either way, AA can be beneficial and motivating. People who go will find that they aren’t alone in alcohol addiction or dependency.

Family therapy is an excellent option for those who want to improve their relationships. Having loved ones support through rehabilitation can be beneficial. It helps the person in the alcohol treatment center in Ohio stay motivated, and even give some a purpose. Sometimes those who are addicted to alcohol may do things they regret while under the influence. But with family therapy, these mistakes can get amended.

Lumiere Healing Centers Can Help

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction in Ohio or any other form of addiction, we can help! Our alcohol rehab centers can helps you to recover from alcohol abuse and also provides aftercare recommendations. Addiction is no easy feat and overcoming it won’t be something you’ll want to do alone. With the help of our medical professionals, combined with the knowledge and expertise of our addiction treatment specialist, you can rest easy knowing you’ll get the help you need. To get started on your journey to a happy healthier life reach out to us today at 513-901-4738. We look forward to working with you!

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